Design to Change the World

Every time we open our eyes we are invaded by millions of stimuli. If you think about it, those photos, videos, typography, colors, illustrations, and all the rest were produced by designers and creators like you, from all around the world. I’ll bet you suddenly feel more powerful than that villain with the infinity gauntlet, don’t you?
That’s why we’re so committed to giving you the best images at all times because your projects can have a big influence on people, and even change the world.
“But I just design from home, I don’t think what I do matters that much.”
Well, it does. Let’s take a look at some examples of how valuable graphic design is in our lives.

Design for Greater Accessibility

We live in a time of change where we have to work harder and harder to achieve the inclusion of people with disabilities. In terms of visuals, sounds, or motion, design applied at multiple levels becomes extremely important as it is the main tool to reach people with disabilities and offer them the same quality content that the rest of the world enjoys.
The use of new technologies, especially at the digital level, offers the possibility of adapting content and making it more user-friendly. These types of options should be considered whenever you work on a new project, as you never know how you might be impacting other people’s lives.

Design for Greater Sustainability

As you can see from this year’s visual trends, nature will be present in most visual projects. But why? Sustainability is one of the agenda-setting issues in our culture globally, and design is one of the main channels to empower this message and raise awareness.
Thinking about sustainability will not only be reflected through the use of elements from Mother Nature but also from an approach focused on the optimization of resources. What do we mean by this? Well, trying to economize, using fewer objects, returning to more minimalist, simpler designs.
Another interesting issue in relation to sustainability is the use of dark mode. Not only does it visually change the way we see stimuli, but it also reduces the energy consumption of our devices.

Design to Improve Life

In addition to these general issues, when great ideas are combined with good design, it can change the quality of our lives. Here are some examples.

Animal Ringer

Design 1

Anyone who has ever been admitted to a hospital knows that it is not the most welcoming place in the world. In fact, it can sometimes be a bit scary. Now imagine having to go through that experience as a child.

With this in mind, designers Yun Ye Leem, Ji Hoon Park, and Chan Il Lim created special packaging for the different types of saline solutions that are commonly used. These have different designs that not only make them more child-friendly for the children who have to use them, but also help healthcare professionals to distinguish what is inside.

London Royal Hospital

Design 2

Following on from the previous idea, the London Royal Hospital decided to carry out a redesign with 14 artists in order to make the children’s wing of the hospital more enjoyable. By decorating with colorful vinyl stickers, they were able to make the walls of each ward and corridor much more attractive, so that the children who had to come in would feel a little more comfortable.

Controls With Accessibility – Xbox

Design 3

The world of gaming has taken on a very important role in our lives (in fact, by 2021 it was estimated that there were more than 3,243 million gamers in the world), however, not all of us have the same opportunity to be part of it. And we’re not referring to the question of whether or not people have access to the consoles, but to something more basic – whether or not everyone can handle the controllers.

With this in mind, the Xbox team designed special, much more comfortable, and practical controls so that any gamer with different abilities could pick up a controller and prove that they can do it too.

There are many who think that design is just about making something pretty, but as you can see, it is so much more. It’s a tool that allows us to modify the world around us, to make it more practical, more useful, more enjoyable, and well, if in the meantime we also make it a bit cooler with every project we do, that’s only got to be a good thing, right?

The important thing is to know that every project you do can be very influential for others, and that’s why we want you to be able to design them with the best images out there, here.