Color trend in presentations during the first half of 2021

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Time flies… We are already halfway through 2021! The first six months of the year have already passed and that has brought us many things to tell you, among them, some very colorful information.

Colors are closely related to emotions and it could be said that there is a specific color for each feeling. In graphic design, depending on the purpose of the product, colors are used to create different sensations for the consumer.

Thus, in Slidesgo, we have our Google Slides and PowerPoint templates organized, among other categories, by color, so that depending on what your needs are, you can look for a template of a certain color or another.

For this reason, today we are going to tell you about the colors that have set the trend in the presentations of the first half of 2021. Let’s get started!

The most popular colors so far this year

Surely you know what your favorite colors are. The Slidesgo team likes them all… There is a color for every occasion, emotion or feeling. However, our users are clear about the colors that have defined the first six months of their 2021. Without further ado, the most popular colors of the first half of 2021!


Minimalist Hepatitis Clinical Case

Blue, besides being a primary color in design, is the color of the sea and the color of the sky. Who doesn’t feel calm when looking at a calm blue sea or a light blue sky? Indeed, this color is characterized by transmitting calm, stability, confidence and order.

Since we are looking to convey emotions and feelings through our presentations, with a template in blue tones we will gain the confidence of our audience and convey stability. The conviction that we will show will make us win over our audience.

Minimalist Hepatitis Clinical Case 1

Blue is also the color that is attributed to science, medicine and innovation, which is why its use will make it ideal for your medical-themed presentations, such as a breakthrough on the latest scientific discovery or the presentation of a clinical case of a disease. If you need a template for a medical presentation, Slidesgo has a section full of them.

Minimalist Hepatitis Clinical Case 2

Blue combines with many colors (as a tip, it is recommended to use a higher percentage of blue in combinations, as it is one of the three primary colors). In the images we have used to tell you about the color of the ocean, you can appreciate a combination of white and blue, since white contributes to that feeling of calm and stability of blue. However, other colors with which it combines well could be lavender or orange.


Iber marketing agency

Quand il me prend dans ses bras, il me parle tout bas, je vois la vie en roseWho doesn’t know this song by Édith Piaf? And the fact is that the star of the chanson française was right: when we are happy we see life in pink.

This color-scheme, closely linked to illusions, has been one of the most used by our users this first half of the year. Pink gives a friendly and soft touch to presentations, as, for example, in the template we show you. This presentation for a marketing agency offers pink in pastel tones and gets that softness of this color.

Iber marketing agency 1

Did you know that pink is widely used in marketing because of its meaning? It is ideal for marketing campaigns because of the sensitivity, attraction and tenderness it transmits.

Iber marketing agency 2

Our users have made the most of this color this semester. Would you like to be next? Start editing!


Green and nature go always together, as this color is the one that represents it. Nature is a symbol of birth and life. Green also has extremely positive connotations. It is the color of good luck, of optimism. It is the color of hope.

Happiness happens month 1

You can combine green with other colors and create a very original design, but, most importantly, full of energy and positivity!

Happiness happens month 2

Green has been trending this semester because, in these times, we need a bit of positivity and hope in our lives. Convey these feelings to your audience by using green in your presentations!


Metamorphosis plan

Despite everything you may have heard about the connotations of the color black, we are going to show you that this color has a lot to offer in terms of design. Black conveys elegance, class, style and a sophisticated touch in any project in which it is used. Combining this color with any other color is a very simple task and successful in 100% of the cases.

Metamorphosis plan 1

One theme where black will be a total winner is business affairs, as in these examples. Use black to present your business plan to give it that elegant touch you are looking for.

Metamorphosis plan 2

Black and white… These colors are like best friends! Always together! It is very common that the presence of one will lead to the need to use the other, because together, and especially if used in contrast, they convey clarity and a solemn touch. Besides, black reads quite well over white. Our advice: don’t hesitate to use them together!


Adult style lesson for high school

Finally, another of the trend colors of these first months of the year has been red. Regarding this color, we bring you a small curious fact: it is the color that is most used in flags. And why is this? This hue symbolizes the patriotic spirit of the countries, but, at the same time, red means strength, energy and courage, very important elements when addressing an audience.

Adult style lesson for high school 1

Our users have wanted to convey the strength of the red color by using templates with this shade. As you can see in the example we illustrate, these red slides are full of strength.

Adult style lesson for high school 2

It is very important to pay attention to the typography used with the red color, because being full of strength, intensity and vitality, an unsuitable typography can turn our design into aggressive. However, we know that you are an expert in Google Slides and PowerPoint templates and you will know how to find the balance perfectly.

These have been the trend colors for the first half of 2021. The year continues and with it another six months full of new opportunities. To accompany you in the coming months in your presentations, at Slidesgo we have an endless number of free templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint. Here’s to another six months full of colors!

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