Where did brands like IKEA, Lego or Starbucks get their names from?

Skye Gould is a senior graphic designer at BusinessInsider, and he has collected data about where 17 of the best known brands around the world got their name from. Brands and companies like IKEA, Pepsi, Skype, Canon and Häagen Dazs were some of the ones he chose.


Skype was supposed to be called Sky Peer-to-Peer, but thankfully it was shortened to Skyper and the name eventually lost the ‘r’. Reebok comes from the Afrikaans-Dutch word ‘rhebok‘, which is a type of antelope and evokes speed and grace.



Some, like IKEA’s name, are simple: the initials of the founder’s name and the place where he grew up. Häagen Dazs is particularly surprising: it has no real meaning, but the founders wanted the name to sound classic and traditional. They made a great choice!



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