4 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Startup Presentation

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The first thing you need to learn to succeed with your startup is to believe in yourself and in your own vision of the company. Secondly, you must also create a great template that helps you boost your idea while supporting your speech.

Still, if you feel that you need a helping hand, this post is for you. Learn with us which type of mistakes you need to avoid to improve your startup presentation. Let’s begin.

1. Failing to depict your product

You are an entrepreneur, but you need to understand every single detail about your product or service. This is the most important premise. Learn about the perks of using it, its benefits.

Of course, you sell something to your buyers and prospective clients. It is worth doing some research about their needs, their hobbies and interests. This is your main aim: creating a product or service that meets their needs.

Choose a design that helps you connect with the audience. You can do so with a thorough research of their interests. In Slidesgo we have several templates that can work for promoting your startup. Let’s have a look at this Business presentation:

This example has a very defined target audience. Its design has hipster style, and it focuses on people that own and use bikes.

If your startup relates to bicycles, choose a design that depicts your activity. Create a feeling of elegance and trust using colors like black and yellow, and popularize your craftwork. See the following slide:

We show a picture of a man working with his bare hands. This is perfect for people who are looking for a quality service and for something unique, like their bikes.

→ Download this Bicycle Shop template now.

2. Lack of organization

The second important thing when creating your presentation is to organize your content. How to do so?

Take a piece of paper and write down the most important things that you need to show in the slides. Maybe some analyses, a section about your company or your product, a study of the competitors… Next, order those sections in a logical order: go from the most general topic to the most specific one.

Have a look at the next collection of layouts:

We begin with an introductory section, and then we move to the part that explains details about the company. Of course, every enterprise depends on a team, so it is important to explain about the people behind the firm.

Learn more Composition Tips to Design Your Slides here.

→ Edit this Bubbles Pitch Deck and get creative.

3. Run away from boring texts

Have you ever heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? This is particularly true in presentations.

Showing a good image, drawing or icon illustrates more than a lot of text. In fact, your audience will look at the visual resource rather than to read a long explanation on anything.

A very usual mistake is to add long texts to your layout. Here is an example related to sports:Workout at home template

As you can see, it is full of text. More than probably, the listeners won’t pay a lot of attention and they won’t read. But let’s see what happens when we turn a long explanation into some drawings:

This transparency offers clear indications keeping the text boxes to a minimum. This audience, your audience will understand your message easily. Try using images instead of words!

→ Move your body downloading and editing this Workout at Home App template.

In this respect, it is also important to know how to represent your data using not only images or icons, but also colors. This is helpful to make some points stand out, or to simply differentiate pieces of information.

Infographics are perfect for these purposes. They are very visual and, therefore, easy to understand. Then summarize your information in a very concise way, including even graphs.This is great to simplify and to clarify your data:

This infographic represents that there are 4 steps of actions before reaching the goal or before starting a project (the tip of the iceberg.) So one must follow those processes that appear “under the surface.” Likewise, the text boxes display different colors, so the audience can discern them easily.

→ Get more Iceberg Infographics here!

4. Give an engaging presentation

We have just reached the most amusing part: engaging your audience and making them have a good time listening to you.

Interact with them. Ask questions and for their opinion on something. If you have created some statistics based on their tastes, for example. Use them!

Analysing the topics of bestsellers, your target clients will feel that you listen to them, and that you take them into consideration. After all, you want to give them something they need.

→ Boost your business with this Experiences Company template.

Don’t forget to add stunning and visual elements such as pictures that evoke emotions and feelings:

In the previous slide, there is a young woman having fun. This inspires a lovely sense of freedom. In the same fashion, the fish arouses a relaxing feeling. Have fun looking for images and appeal to emotions.

→ Get and personalize this Color of the Year presentation.

And last, but not least, remember to rehearse your speech. Smile, make eye contact. Instead of reading what’s on the slide, speak. This is a very persuasive tip! Practice, practice and practice. That’s the key to success.

As you can see, you can make your presentation look better and to avoid the most common mistakes in your startup template following these simple steps. Know your company, your clients, organize the content and create an engaging speech. The floor is yours! Find all the templates you may need in Slidesgo!

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