Why we all want to make the leap into 3D design

3D has always been a fascinating field.

It wasn’t so long ago that some of us started to wear those two-tone glasses that allowed us to see 3D content in the 90s and to admire pop-up books that made images come to life right in front of our eyes. Many of us have been familiar with the magic of 3D since we were kids a few decades ago. 

The idea of simulating the real world made this technology so popular. As greater realism has been achieved in the field, 3D applications have also become more diverse.

Over time, it was no longer only books that we could enjoy in this format, but also movies, video games and concerts.

Naturally, the world of design did not lag behind. However, unlike other industries in which 3D seeks to portray the real world as accurately as possible, 3D design is also focused on thinking of new ways to reflect the reality we know, or even invent it.

Because of this, in 3D design we can find both hyperrealistic versions of everyday items and completely new interpretations of reality.

The infinite creative possibilities offered by 3D are one of the reasons why this format continues to evolve year after year. It is no coincidence that Freepik has named 3D as one of the main design trends for 2023.

To show you the possibilities offered by this style, we have created different collections with our best 3D content. Choose whether you prefer to browse our selection with the best assets of any type, or download the collection directly with assets in your preferred format: photography, vector illustrations or PSD templates.

Are you ready to see the world from another dimension?

3D Content - Photo and Vectors

The potential of 3D photography

Realistic models of the inside of a house or fantastic multicolored landscapes are just some examples of what our 3D images represent.

The artists responsible for these creations really know how to play with the right dose of realism depending on the needs of the project and it is surprising to see them create their own versions of the reality we know.

Delve into the vibrant and colorful world of 3D photography with our 3D Piks collection. Download your favorite assets, which are ready to use wherever you need them!

3D Content - Photography

The fun side of vectors

A 3D vector is hard to ignore.

Rounded shapes, glossy finishes and pastel shades appeal to our most creative side and remind us of the plasticine figures we used to create as children.

The type of project you are working on will dictate the tone of the asset you need. In our 3D Vector Views collection, you can find designs both for business presentations and birthday invitations. You can also customize them with your favorite editing tool. 

3D Content - Vector

Create your own dimension with 3D PSD assets

If you want to use some type of 3D element as a starting point for your project, then our Alive 3D collection is for you.

Being fully editable elements, you will be able to integrate them into your project however you prefer.

Don’t be afraid to make modifications to these elements or mix them with pieces from other styles. The principle of 3D design is to imagine new possibilities, so we hope this content will inspire you to do the same.

3D Content - Templates

Life in 3D

Now that you know more about the 3D content available, you simply have to get to work and create amazing projects.

Remember that you have access to three collections with 3D content (3D Piks, 3D Vector Views and Alive 3D PSD templates), as well as a bonus collection that brings together the best of each of them (Life in 3D).

So, if you feel like creating something fun and full of personality, just take the leap into the 3D dimension.