Color is one of the most powerful elements of graphic design. It speaks to everyone and can be understood at the most primal level. When toddlers begin learning to speak, one of the first things they are taught are the primary colors. From there, colors are used to teach more complicated lessons and concepts. Most people have a favorite color, or color they most identify with. Even animals have shown to be partial to certain colors. The power of color comes from its ability to be universally understood.

Depending on how tired your brain is at night, you might have to add another minute to the result! :)

Business cards can become a great ally to make our work known. If we talk about personal business cards, the most important thing is that they connect with our personality because, after all, the cards are "that first impression" that people will take away from us. And you know what they say about first impressions ...

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Free or premium WordPress themes? What’s a better option for your website? There is an ongoing debate on which of these two solutions to choose for work. While some users will be avid fans of premium web design stuff only, others will claim that contemporary freebies boast functionality that is no less impressive and lets freebies safely compete with premium web design stuff. So, what groups of users should give preference to freebies? Who are premium templates designed for? Let’s find this out from today’s publication.

If only looks could sell. This is the catchphrase for a website which looks great but lacks behind on converting leads to customers. Yes, awesome website design may help you shape the brand, but customers won’t ensure you get customers. As competition increases, it is becoming increasingly difficult to bring in new leads and move them down the conversion funnel.

As a designer looks for creative freedom, the marketer is focused on brand strategy and messaging. Well both, work towards an organization goal. Keeping them on the same track to achieve a goal can however be challenging. Let’s try and understand the differences and how to ensure they work in harmony.

So you quit your full time job to take the plunge into the world of freelancing? You have so many questions going through your head – re-examining your decision and questioning whether it was the right one.

The guys from Rocketbook team have developed another notebook, the Everlast, but this time you don't use heat to erase it, but just plain water.

Fear of appearing indecisive, of not being able to sustain oneself and feeling scared of failure are some of the obstacles that have to be overcome in these cases.

Always in the shadows, creatives, designers, artists and photographers are people who have jobs that are crucial in today's world as we know it :)

The Blog Sidebar is a very classic approach to blog design, but experts predict that the future of Blog User Experience (UX) Design is to not have a sidebar at all. The Sidebar is a piece of virtual real estate; a strip of visual information either to the right of the left of the article content, displaying ads and related widgets. As Blogging has become more and more popular and more people want to make money from their blogs, the Sidebar has become a dumping ground of ads and click bait for the owner to make a little extra cash.

As we live in the age of Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT), a powerful way to understand the complex data is through visuals. One of the most compelling ways to convey information via visuals is using an Infographic also known as (aka) data visualization. To put it simply, Infographic represents data in a bite-size, easy to consume manner. Combine data and visuals to strike a conversation with your customers.