The guys from Rocketbook team have developed another notebook, the Everlast, but this time you don't use heat to erase it, but just plain water.

Fear of appearing indecisive, of not being able to sustain oneself and feeling scared of failure are some of the obstacles that have to be overcome in these cases.

Always in the shadows, creatives, designers, artists and photographers are people who have jobs that are crucial in today's world as we know it :)

The Blog Sidebar is a very classic approach to blog design, but experts predict that the future of Blog User Experience (UX) Design is to not have a sidebar at all. The Sidebar is a piece of virtual real estate; a strip of visual information either to the right of the left of the article content, displaying ads and related widgets. As Blogging has become more and more popular and more people want to make money from their blogs, the Sidebar has become a dumping ground of ads and click bait for the owner to make a little extra cash.

As we live in the age of Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT), a powerful way to understand the complex data is through visuals. One of the most compelling ways to convey information via visuals is using an Infographic also known as (aka) data visualization. To put it simply, Infographic represents data in a bite-size, easy to consume manner. Combine data and visuals to strike a conversation with your customers.

Did you know that green is the easiest color for the eye to process? Maybe that's why we find plants and nature soothing :)

Graphic designers, like other creative professions such as writers, journalists or plastic artists, who work freelance need to put a little order on their desks and organize a little day to day. Yes, a difficult task with the current pace of life. Therefore, in this post we want to inspire you with some tips of the most useful. Because ... Who said creating is easy?

Maria · 2 weeks ago

The real challenge for you, as a designer, is to retain your clients and satisfy their designing needs so they don’t have to look for another designer, ever again! This article will help you understand how you can be your client’s favorite designer, making it right to their hearts!

Arif Nazir · 3 weeks ago

This app called Color Supply can help you determine a color palette based on different setups: complementary colors, analogous, split-complements... It's really nice!

Even if you’re a small business owner or a brick and mortar business, you cannot ignore having an online presence and a good marketing strategy. Everyone and everything is going digital and most of your customers are online even if you’re not. Online marketing gives you the opportunity to tap into the huge database of potential customers. And that means increased profits and more business.

Her cousin asked her to draw a recipe step by step to learn how to cook a pastry. After finishing her drawing, she realized that it could be turned into a project!

One thing is for sure: most of us don't have great lifestyle habits. Make some of these changes part of your resolutions for 2017!