We live in interesting times indeed, where the use of technological tools enable people to share, engage and communicate with each other. Concurrently, there is a growing need to adopt a holistic approach of how organizations operate in an ever-changing external environment.

There's plenty of fish in the sea, and this also applies to clients: you shouldn't hold on to a project that is making you extremely unhappy.

Stock photography is a great way to improve your site’s visual strategy. Unfortunately some stock photography is overused or used “as is”, resulting in many sites using the same images without any branding or specific customization.

It is no secret that conversions are a key to a successful and prosperous business. In the age of technology and digital marketing, the ever growing trend of visual content has empowered marketing campaigns and product representations. In an effort to capture and captivate users’ attention, digital marketers are coming up with fascinating and entertaining means of using visual content to convert their target audience.

Research suggests that people make up their minds within 90 seconds of interaction either people or product. With 60-90% of assessment being done on the basis of colors alone.

Blogging has ascended from a simple hobby that covers a single subject or topic to business covers and ecommerce fronts. Nowadays, blogs are used for a wide variety of things ranging from personal diaries, gathering places for storytelling or news sharing to brand advertisements and company marketing platforms. However, first time bloggers who decide to try themselves out in this trend often run into troublesome situations due to copyright laws and infringements.

To say that coming up with SEO-optimized content is not for a newbie is an understatement. Any seasoned “SEO guy” could list down hundreds of SEO rules that you need to follow to boost your site ranking. Add experience and guts to the mix, and you have a scary water that most newbies would be afraid to dip their toes into.

When writing and finalizing blog posts, one of the most important steps you need to take is the creation of the graphics that will be shared on Social Media. You can use photographs, backgrounds and even illustrations. Have you ever tried using icons?

Origami is a Japanese technique that consists of folding paper for the creation of original designs. The word origami comes from two Japanese words 'ori' (folding) and 'kami' (paper). An alternative already used in fields such as architecture, graphic design, interior design or the textile industry.

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Just by dragging and dropping your picture on the website, it tells you how much you should move the picture if you want it to be visually centered!

It is a well known fact in the marketing world, that for a blog or business to be at least mildly successful, it needs to be branded. There needs to be a set system of not only colors and fonts but also of language and overall user experience. Everything has to tie together and appear coherent. A website or blog that has a well thought out visual strategy is instantly more noticeable and more relatable that those that are not.

You looked at your site. It’s beautiful, but something just isn’t right. The text overlays over the image would be more readable if you can just add a slight of blurred shadows under the letters. Then you realized something. You are dealing with a live website, not an image editor.