In the world of graphic design, there are tons of terms that look so similar they become interchangeable. There are also words that don’t look similar, but are related; so they also get used interchangeably. In order to be a great graphic designer, you have to know all the jargon and lingo of the craft, right? Well… this may not be completely true.

The main purpose of any portfolio type is to fully present an author’s creative potential and approach to clients and employers. Creative potential includes skills level and quality, personal experience, the amount of completed projects. But, the most important thing that each designer has to be characterized by within his/her potential is the uniqueness. Everyone would like to stand out the crowd, have his own opinion, stand his own position. And an online portfolio is exactly the way to do it. Having it each author is free to speak, speak through his/her works, speak by presenting the inner world, imagination and worldview. Such a voiceless but so meaningful conversation will definitely catch an eye of your audience.

Are you active on Pinterest? Do you create Pinterest graphics to promote your blog? If you are a seasoned Pinterest user then you know that the best Pinterest format is vertical, long and preferably eye catching. Getting lots of repins depends greatly on the quality of your graphic and the information it provides. TIP: Infographics also make great Pins!

"There is nothing harder to do in animation than nothing. Movement is our medium" said the prominent animator Milt Kahl, who brought to life characters such as Peter Pan, Shere Khan or Madame Medusa. In this course, "Principles of animation", Nilab uncovers the basics of this wonderful technique that has captured our hearts at certain points of our lives, maybe when we were young watching Walt Disney's films or as grown ups with films like The dam keeper. You will learn about the concepts of "squash and stretch", "arcs" or "anticipation" for example, giving you the necessary skills to bring your wildest ideas to the big screen. So have you ever wanted to go a step further with your art? Then why not give animation a try?

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Have you ever experienced a moment where you felt as though you couldn't come up with any new ideas? Or maybe you had an idea, but you couldn’t figure out how to express this idea?

The importance of branding is becoming more and more prominent in our online world and community. Every company and business professional is expected to have some type of logo, symbol or branding.

A blog on how the engaging aspect of an infographic is important for it to be able to attract more viewers and tips to create an awesome infographic.

Everyone should have an online presence. Presenting the best possible version of yourself online is important for every professional no matter what industry you’re in.

Novelty fonts are like the confetti on the typography cake. The possibilities are endless when creating novelty fonts; they can be reminiscent of cultures, ideas, celebrations and holidays, they can be in the shape of monsters, created out of vegetables and even to resemble tufts of hair.

Well, it’s that time of the year again! College exams are just around the corner, and I just feel like had a month’s time for preparation, but now I am panicking. If you are just like me, you too might have put off important things to be done and are likely to get stressed at some point in time.

We are almost half way through 2017 and it’s pretty easy to see what’s trending in the design world. But in this post we are going to concentrate on one very important aspect of a design – Typography.

The world is changing constantly. New technologies evolve, as well as the demand for something truly revolutionary grows. One of such more recent innovations that grow in popularity among the contemporary web audience