Even if you’re a small business owner or a brick and mortar business, you cannot ignore having an online presence and a good marketing strategy. Everyone and everything is going digital and most of your customers are online even if you’re not. Online marketing gives you the opportunity to tap into the huge database of potential customers. And that means increased profits and more business.

Her cousin asked her to draw a recipe step by step to learn how to cook a pastry. After finishing her drawing, she realized that it could be turned into a project!

One thing is for sure: most of us don't have great lifestyle habits. Make some of these changes part of your resolutions for 2017!

Listening is a skill of critical significance by which we have a sense of understanding, assessing and responding to what we hear. It is an active process and crucial at every stage of our lives. For children, listening is instrumental in the development of language and speaking skills. Likewise, social listening is an opportunity for brands to improve customer support and drive innovation.

In today’s modern world it is all about the packaging. No wonder graphic designers are so sought after these days. Their skills are put to test every now and then, when their clients expect them to come up with something unique and novel. However, their real test begins from the time they submit their resumes for a job opening.

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As the world continues to grow, and new ideas, issues, and technologies are introduced, we are faced with the task of distributing a wide range of information to not only our local towns and communities, but also across the world. There are a variety of ways to communicate this information, but one the more effective tools are infographics.

There are some common facts that aren't actually facts, even if they are widespread. Some of these myths, we grow up believing that are true, but with time you might or might not find out the truth about these.

"Uncoated" colors are colors shown as they would look like on uncoated paper, a bit lighter and less intense. You can learn a lot by reading the full chart!

Piktochart is all about infographics and so the following points will be about the various diversified steps of how to make an infographics?

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It’s no secret that Adobe makes it easy to work seamlessly between their native applications, making it easy to use the best program for the task at hand. Using the appropriate application for each task is important, but what if you don’t know how to use the appropriate application? This is where alternative applications can be useful.

Visit any of the social media platforms and you are sure to stumble upon the ubiquitous “hashtag”. A hashtag is a label or tag used on social media sites to help users easily identify content that interests them. The hash sign (#) converts any word or phrase following it into a link that can be searched.