How to use the site

Are the contents for free? Where can I use them?

Yes, they are totally free. We only require you to give credit to the author of the image or vector every time you use our resources.

Our contents may be used for free by crediting the author:

  • In personal and commercial projects.
  • In websites, presentations, printable elements and so on.
  • Totally or partially, using the full design or modifying it as well as integrated in your own designs.

How can I give credit to an author of a particular design or image?

- Digital media (websites, ebooks, apps, video and so on)
You may write the accreditation to the author either in the resource used, somewhere else on the website or product where the resource is used or just where you write the acknowledgements.

Example: Paper vector designed by Freepik

- Printed elements or objects (posters, books, magazines, Tshirts, vinyls, flyers or others)
You may write the accreditation to the author either in the used resource, in some other place of the page or object or the acknowledgements or bibliography space.

Example: Designed by Freepik

Is there any downloads limit?

You can download as many resources as you wish, there’s only a limitation of up to 60 downloads per day (just for safety).

Who uses Freepik?

Designers, web developers, social media professionals and whoever else may need free graphic resources for professional or personal use.

Freepik is used by:

Is a special software necessary to edit Freepik’s resources?

  • Ai files (vectors): a vector edition program such as Adobe Illustrator is needed in order to open the files and edit them.
  • PSD files: must be opened and edited with Adobe Photoshop. Gimp may be used as well, but it's not always compatible with all the files features.
  • Images: a large amount of images is avaliable for free (Gimp, Pixlr, as well as not (Adobe Photoshop).

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