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Friendship Day, a worldwide celebration of human connection

12 days to book your Friendship Day activities

Friendship is an unbreakable connection that offers us constant support, positivity, and happiness. And on July 30th, we get to celebrate this exceptional bond that makes our lives richer. Friendship Day is a chance to embrace companionship and togetherness through all of life’s highs and lows. To commemorate this special day, we’re sharing the... Show more

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Create buddying designs with these visual assets


Symbols inspired by friendship

Friendship Day Color Palette

  • HEX rgb(255, 126, 170)
  • RGB rgb(255, 126, 170)
  • CMYK rgb(255, 126, 170)
  • HSL rgb(255, 126, 170)
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Friendship Day: celebrating with Tickle Me Pink!

The vibrant hue of Tickle Me Pink is a perfect way to celebrate Friendship Day! This cheery color brings forth feelings of optimism, joy, and connection. Whether it’s in the form of graphic design, artwork, or even home décor—Tickle Me Pink is a symbol of friendship and togetherness. From the boldest to the most subtle of shades, Tickle Me Pink is a timeless color for any celebration. This cheerful hue has been used in design for centuries and continues to bring a sense of joyous festivity. When paired with other bright colors, such as yellow, green, and blue, Tickle Me Pink can create a beautiful blend of tints.

  • HEX rgb(29, 82, 242)
  • RGB rgb(29, 82, 242)
  • CMYK rgb(29, 82, 242)
  • HSL rgb(29, 82, 242)
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RISD blue, the color of loyalty and trust

On Friendship Day, it’s all too easy to get swept up in the emotional gravity of platitudes about friendship and camaraderie. But at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), the school color says it best — blue! Blue is a cool, calming hue that's often associated with loyalty, trust, and dependability — all qualities of a strong friendship. RISD blue is the perfect way to celebrate Friendship Day because of its inherent design elements. It’s a unique blend of navy and cobalt that stands out in a crowd, just like strong friendships. The vibrant pigment reflects light in an energizing way, inspiring creativity — something friends often do for each other.

  • HEX rgb(255, 189, 49)
  • RGB rgb(255, 189, 49)
  • CMYK rgb(255, 189, 49)
  • HSL rgb(255, 189, 49)
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A ray of yellow sun: celebrate Friendship Day with selective yellow

The color yellow is often associated with joy, happiness, and optimism. This makes it the perfect hue to celebrate Friendship Day! Selective yellow is an excellent shade to design with too, as its deep coloring can be used to add character and depth to a piece. Whether you’re creating a card, poster, or other artwork, selective yellow can give an extra special touch to your design. For instance, mixing several shades of yellow on the same page is a great way to create visual interest. You can use this color contrast by layering lighter and brighter tones for a cheerful look, or going for darker, richer hues to create a dramatic and mysterious effect.

  • HEX rgb(0, 205, 114)
  • RGB rgb(0, 205, 114)
  • CMYK rgb(0, 205, 114)
  • HSL rgb(0, 205, 114)
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Celebrating the gleam of emerald green on Friendship Day

Emerald green is a rare and beautiful color, often associated with luxury, prestige, and sophistication. It’s also the perfect way to express yourself on Friendship Day! By incorporating emerald green into your creations, you can show your friends how much they mean to you. An emerald green shade can bring a fresh and dynamic feeling to any design, like a Friendship Day card or gift wrap. This timeless color will add an air of elegance and class to your gesture of friendship, making the surprise even more special for your recipient. Emerald green also has many other symbolic meanings, such as growth, renewal, and hope — perfect for celebrating this day.

  • HEX rgb(255, 140, 53)
  • RGB rgb(255, 140, 53)
  • CMYK rgb(255, 140, 53)
  • HSL rgb(255, 140, 53)
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Celebration UT orange and the meaning of friendship

For many of us, UT orange is the color that has come to represent friendship. On this special day, let’s celebrate the meaning behind University of Texas’ signature hue, and reflect on how we can develop deeper connections with our friends. UT orange is an iconic color that stands out in the minds of many. It evokes feelings of warmth, joy, and companionship — something that comes from having strong friendships. This color is more than just a logo; it symbolizes the lasting bond between old friends and newfound ones. There’s no doubt that this vibrant hue has been a part of many special moments. From game-day rituals to group photos, UT orange has come to define the look and feel of friendship. As a result, it’s become an integral part of our identity — just like our closest friends.

Friendship Day Fonts


Friendship and its significance around the world

What do philosophers, Hallmark cards, and friendship bracelets all have in common? They are all part of our annual celebration for Friendship Day. It’s a special day set aside to bring friends together with shared experiences. From church service gatherings to get-togethers worldwide, Friendship Day is celebrated to promote unity among our global community. But where did it come from? Journey on as we explore the origins of Friendship Day and how it has evolved over time to become an integral part of celebrating relationships between family and friends today.


A new world with broken friendships

With global tension at its peak, something needed to be done

The 1930s was a period of great change and innovation, not just in the world of business and technology but also in human relationships. It was during this decade that Joyce Hall, founder of Hallmark Cards, introduced the concept of Friendship Day as a way to promote goodwill and camaraderie among people of different nations. This initiative was warmly received by the international community, who were still reeling from the aftermath of the First World War. As the world began to heal from the trauma of the conflict, the need for friendship and understanding across borders became more apparent. Thus, Friendship Day became an important occasion for people to come together, share their experiences, and build lasting friendships that transcended cultural differences.


The World Friendship Crusade

A philosopher from Paraguay sees the need for the acceptance of cultural differences around the world

In 1958, the world was changing rapidly, and with that came a need to foster global understanding and cooperation. Enter Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho, a philosopher from Paraguay with a vision for bringing the world together. He founded the World Friendship Crusade, a movement that sought to build bridges between people from all corners of the globe. Dr. Bracho’s vision was simple yet powerful—to create a world where people would celebrate their differences and embrace their similarities. As an influential thinker, he truly understood the importance of fostering a sense of community amongst individuals regardless of culture, race, or nationality. Through his incredible intellect and charismatic personality, Dr. Bracho inspired many to embark on a journey towards peace and friendship, a journey that continues to this day.


Time to make it official

Friendship has become the official solution to bringing harmony among neighbors and nations alike

In 2011, the United Nations General Assembly made an important announcement. July 30th would officially become known as the International Day of Friendship. This declaration serves as a reminder of the importance of building bridges among people from different cultural backgrounds. Whether we’re connecting with people from the same neighborhood or halfway around the world, friendship is essential to creating a harmonious world. This day is a powerful call to action for people to come together and celebrate the ties that bind us. As we all know, true friends can make all the difference in our lives. They lift us up, support us, and help us grow. On this special day, let’s take time to appreciate the meaningful relationships we’ve built with one another. Let’s work to build more bridges, foster connections, and create a more united world.


Friendship Day, a virtual celebration

In the darkest of times, friends near and far remained connected virtually to celebrate this wholesome event

In 2020, the world came together to celebrate Friendship Day in a way that was unprecedented. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to face a new reality, one where our physical interactions were limited and social distancing became the norm. However, this did not stop us from acknowledging and celebrating the bonds we share with our friends, near and far. Thanks to video chat rooms, social media, and other digital platforms, we were able to connect with friends from all over the world, reminding ourselves of the importance of companionship through desperate times. The global nature of this celebration was truly remarkable, with people from all walks of life coming together to share stories, laughter, and love. As we move forward in a post-pandemic world, may we never forget the value of friendship and the role it played in getting us through these trying times.


How Friendship Day is celebrated around the world

The world is full of diversity in the way we think, believe, and create. However, there is one human quality that transcends national barriers and resonates with all of us, and that’s friendship and love. So, how do different cultures celebrate this omnipresent force? Let's read on and find out!

India: Vibrant celebrations across a rich culture

India is known for its vibrant and diverse culture, which is why Friendship Day is a widely celebrated event in the country. The day is observed on the first Sunday of August, and it holds a special place in the hearts of the people. Friends exchange colorful bracelets, cards, and gifts, and make long-distance phone calls to show their appreciation for the bond they share. The celebration draws inspiration from the rich sub-culture of Bollywood's highly influential film stars, dressing in elaborate attire and performing mesmerizing dance sequences. Indians value friendship deeply, and this day is a perfect occasion for them to reaffirm their commitment to nurturing the relationships that matter most. The festivities are contagious, bringing the entire nation together in the spirit of camaraderie. Celebrating Friendship Day in India is an experience like no other, as it reflects the beauty and depth of human connections in all their glorious forms.

USA: A day of friendship bracelets and signing T-shirts

In the United States, Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August, bringing people together in the name of companionship. On this day, people share love and appreciation for their closest friends by giving gifts and spending quality time with one another. It is also customary on some occasions to wear a plain white T-shirt so friends can sign their names with a personalized message unique to their friendship. From heartfelt handwritten notes to elaborate celebrations, Americans show their gratitude for the friendships they cherish the most. Some may even participate in Friendship Day parades or attend events hosted in their local communities. Regardless of the approach taken, the spirit of camaraderie remains the same, making this day a true testament to the power of human connection.

Canada: Not once but twice!

Friendship is a universal bond that links all of us together regardless of race, language, or gender. Canada is an advocate for peace and harmony, and therefore takes Friendship Day seriously. The United Nations General Assembly declared July 30th as the International Day of Friendship, and the Canadians celebrate it with great enthusiasm. This day doesn’t make the headlines, but its significance can never be ignored. It brings people together and strengthens the bond of friendship, which is the cornerstone of any healthy and peaceful society. Canada, being a multicultural and dynamic country, also celebrates Best Friend Day on the 8th of June, another day to cherish the true essence of friendship and to show gratitude to our favorite people. Let’s celebrate these special days and bring the world closer by spreading love and kindness.

Brazil: Celebrating Friendship once is not enough for the Brazilians

Friendship is a universal concept that transcends boundaries and nationalities. In Brazil, it is celebrated three times a year with utmost enthusiasm and zeal. While the official Friendship Day is celebrated on the 20th of July, which is a date shared with neighboring countries Argentina and Chile, the Brazilians also mark the unofficial Friendship Day on the 18th of April. Moreover, in accordance with the United Nations General Assembly, they celebrate Friendship Day for the third time on the 30th of July. The celebrations are not limited to any specific events or rituals but rather mark a time for friends to gather and create memories together. From hitting the clubs and going to concerts to simply hanging out on the beach, Brazilians celebrate their friendships in all manner of ways. So, let this be a reminder to cherish and appreciate the friends we have in our lives, no matter where we come from or what we do.