You won’t be able to stop staring at these beautiful typography gifs

By Freepik Company 3 years ago

We love to see swirly, beautiful typography, but isn’t it better when you watch these oddly satisfying videos of people drawing calligraphy? Designer duo formed by Evgeniy Starov and Alexey Dubnichenko have created something similar.


03a 03b


Instead of watching a hand create the letters, they have created a series of gifs where the letters magically appear and disappear in a loop thanks to their awesome addition of motion graphics to their work.


03c 03e


These are beautifully animated and will not leave any graphic designer with a love for calligraphy indifferent šŸ™‚ They are really fun to watch, the letters swirling in and fading out indefinitely! You can find their project called Logo Animation on Behance.


03d 03f


Find the rest of them here.


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Farhan Mohamed
Farhan Mohamed

3 years ago

Justt Wow... <3 Kudos to the creator