When Hard Work Pays Off: Mari Carmen del Valle’s Story

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Discover the story of Mari Carmen, a graphic designer and Freepik’s contributor originally from Malaga. Mari Carmen runs her portfolio bizkette1 together with her partner. They welcomed us to their home, and we had the chance to see their office, from where they create great content. We could get to know her day-to-day lifestyle and what it is to work as a contributor. 

Learn how she started this adventure in Freepik and how she became such a successful contributor.

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Overcoming your fears is the way to success

Every beginning is always difficult. But if you work hard, you’ll achieve anything. Mari Carmen had the courage to leave behind a steady job position to follow her dream job: design. From that moment, she’s been designing full time. She became a Freepik’s contributor and, now, has devoted herself to create new content and upload it to our platform. And she’s doing really well!

“It wasn’t an easy decision. It meant to leave behind a steady job and become a freelance overnight. Finally, illusion overcame insecurities”

This is the story of Mari Carmen:

Quality is key for an outstanding portfolio

From home, she creates nice and useful designs. She’s learned that quality is the key to success. Thus, offering users what they look for is essential to get higher earnings. “Users prefer quality”, she says. So, creating unique and quality content is vital to make the most of your portfolio.

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“My partner and I always have a lot of fun when designing wedding invitations”

Doing what you love is fun. When you’re passionate about your job, difficult moments just pass by unnoticeable. That’s one of the advantages of being a freelance designer. You choose what you like to do and make the most of it. And thus, it doesn’t feel like a job anymore.

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The importance of being constant

“Being constant”, that’s a must for Mari Carmen. It’s not just about quality. Constancy is also important to get more downloads.  If you publish new content frequently, users will notice it. It’s like you were saying: “Hey, I’m here, download this great content”.

On the perks of being a freelance designer:

As a freelance designer, Mari Carmen can manage her time freely and combine her job with other activities that help her disconnect and come back re-energized.

Being a contributor is just not about the earnings. She’s also grown as a professional. Having the freedom to design what you want is sometimes hard, but it also allows you to try new things and expand your skills. According to Mari Carmen, “the biggest challenge is to keep improving and learning to create anything you can imagine”.

“I’m really happy that I joined this adventure”

We hope that you find some inspiration in Mari Carmen’s story. It’s really motivating, and we all can learn from it. If you want to know more about her work and what she does, have a look at her Freepik’s portfolio bizkette1

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