Welcome Tutpad! An incredible site for all you creatives out there!

Let’s give Tutpad a warm welcome, because it’s going to become your favorite tool to find all sorts of graphic design, animation, typography, photography, pixel art, motion graphics, and illustration tutorials, and more!

Tutpad is a place to learn creative design, where many experienced artists are sharing their skills and knowledge with you so that you can follow their steps into creating stunning and striking visual designs. Let’s learn a bit more about what you can find there!




Tutpad is divided into courses, tutorials and resources that you can use to expand your knowledge and learning experience. The tutorials that you will find on Tutpad are completely free, which is awesome because they are really helpful and you will learn skills suitable for your level: there are beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials, all available so that you can just click and start learning!




Of course, some things are really easy to learn, but like in all fields, some skills have a different learning curve. To further improve your abilities and skills as a professional or beginner designer, Tutpad offers a series of complete courses where a designer will walk you through the learning process of how to create a vintage lettering logo, or how to create a cover for a music album.

Among the courses, you will find a lot of useful content to review both basic and advanced concepts and that will help you practice. For example, this tutorial called “Learn to create an atmospheric perspective environment design” will teach you the principles of using color to create a sensation of depth!

There are many skills that you can learn thanks to Tutpad, and in the resources section you will find everything that you will need in order to complete the tutorials and courses. All of the tutorials and the resources included are free, and you can access them any time that you want in order to never stop building your creative portfolio to show your growing range of skills.

With Tutpad, you can jump right in and get your artistic gears moving. If you want to sign up for the courses, which cover more advanced subjects, you can gain access to them with a Premium subscription from as low as $7.5 per month! You can also try it for a week for free, during a Tutpad trial period.




The secret to becoming a master at anything is practice, and it’s great to have access to such helpful resources from anywhere in the world. Don’t miss the chance of becoming a better artist with Tutpad!