Did you miss our webinar? We bring it all back to you… with a final gift!

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2020 was a difficult year for all of us, international events around the world had to stop and we stayed at home for the common good. But we wanted to feel closer to our contributors, that’s why we created this series of webinars called The Freepik and Flaticon Experience for Contributors. 

We have continued this fantastic journey for a whole year, on October 7th we celebrated our fourth webinar: How to Make Money with Stock Photography at Freepik. This time we focused on the benefits of selling your photos at Freepik, how to create a profitable portfolio and we learned first-hand tips from successful contributors

In case you missed it, here you have everything there is to know about it! 

What we learned! 

Our experts in microstock, Darío Gutiérrez and Preena Godhwani, gave us valuable tips on how to become a Freepik contributor

We could see a detailed presentation of the photography trends for 2021, we learned about the most searched topics on Freepik and how to use Freepik’s tools to find what users are looking for. 

They also gave us some suggestions on how to improve our photos to have a higher selection rate or on how to add the right metadata so your resources are always found by users. 

We could see how usability is the key for success, in microstock it is really important to create resources that offer a wide range of uses. Sometimes simpler is better!

They taught us how different strategies can lead to a profitable portfolio: you can choose to create niche content or you can stick to standard stock photography. Both works! 

Some new features were presented too. The new filters in Freepik offer a valuable vision of the latest trends and the highest quality resources selected by our team. 

And last but not least, contributors can now create their own collections! You can select and organize your resources by topic, style or however you want, this will help users find your photos and download them. 

Inspiring stories

In this webinar we could have two amazing guest with two different but incredibly successful careers: Leo Lintang and Olga Petrenko. 

Leo, @h9images at Freepik, tells his story about how he started on photography as a hobby and due to perseverance and well-organized work he turned his hobby into his profession.

He describes his strategy, starting from a keyword or topic and developing this concept into a whole photo shooting. For that, he uses Freepik’s recommended categories or searches trends as the best way of knowing what users are demanding. We also learn from Leo some useful softwares to add keywords to our photos or to analyse the profitability of our resources. 

Olga, on the other hand, offers a completely different vision of the microstock market. She works for a company who produces content for microstock. Stage Stock Production, @zinkevych at Freepik, is a professional team with over 13 years of experience. 

She is the manager director of the company and tells us about the importance of the details in the microstock industry. A good job should always be based on a profound understanding of the customer’s demands and market trends. Whether you are a big company or a freelancer photographer, she recommends all contributors to take time to analyze what the market needs and work hard to find your place in the industry since microstock is a growing market. 

Q&A session 

At the end of our webinar we always leave time to solve your questions and doubts. This time we couldn’t miss it, especially because our guest stayed with us to answer the questions that attendees had made during the session. We love to help you solve your doubts, so check the webinar, maybe you can find the answer you were looking for. 

Here’s a final surprise!

We know that reading all this information is not the same as watching it so… we bring you the video on Youtube! You can now watch it as many times as you want, see the images in detail and even take notes. We’ll be glad to read your comments or doubts on this post or on Youtube’s link. 

And if you want to stay tuned, follow us on Youtube, Instagram and our Blog so you don’t miss a thing. 

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