Villains need love, too, so check out Nacho Diaz’s illustrations

For Nacho Diaz, villains are the most interesting characters in comics and films. They have complex personalities, and sometimes the source of their evilness resides in the fact that they were ignored and neglected by society since a very long time.



So, if they are unloved characters, don’t they deserve a little bit of affection? That is what made him draw this series of illustrations in which Luke Skywalker, Batman, Mario Bros and other heroes hug their corresponding villains.



Because the evilness of some of these characters is questionable (is Spirited Away’s No-face really an evil character? And what to think about The Evil Queen, did she go through an experience similar to the Maleficent movie?), they all have their own fanbase (Loki is very popular on Tumblr).



See the rest of his project on the post that he wrote on BoredPanda.