Freepik now has more than 500,000 new video and audio resources

We’ve got good news for you. Videvo is now part of the Freepik Company family! And that means we’re adding over 500,000 moving images to our already huge library of resources: new audiovisual resources such as videos, audios and motion graphic animation clips. 

We know that design and creative projects are becoming more and more demanding, and that, with the advance in technologies and tools, the variety of resources you need is increasing. At Freepik, we want to make sure you have everything you need to hand to overcome any obstacles that may get in the way of your process. 

Video is an increasingly searched and consumed format. Algorithms and users are increasingly rewarding audiovisual content that is creative. At Freepik we’re aware of the sheer number of resources that this new content requires and the importance of quality. 

That’s why we recently acquired Videvo, a platform founded by Tom Limb and based in Oxford since 2012. Today it has more than 650,000 active users worldwide, mainly in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, and is one of the most highly rated stock video websites due to the high quality of its resources. 

Thanks to this agreement, Freepik users can get access to more than half a million videos, animations and audio clips. Our goal is to help creators from all over the world to develop their personal and professional projects using a single source of content.  

Starting to use it is very easy

Create your account at Videvo, choose your plan and start browsing. You can also save your favorite resources and create your own collections. Videvo is a Freemium platform where you can get free and premium videos according to your needs.

Besides these new additions to our library, Freepik Company already has the audiovisual resources currently available on Vidfy and will be progressively integrated into the Videvo platform. 

From now on, Videvo will be the official brand of Freepik Company’s stock video and audio products. It will continue to be led by Tom Limb and will remain based in the UK. 

Video and audio 

As you can imagine, Videvo offers thousands of high-quality videos on a wide range of content: from nature footage to cultural phenomena from the present and the past. But that’s not all, you can also download templates to customize the resources in different editing software packages. 

In addition, you’ll also find audio resources: music and sound effects. We are not giving away any secrets when we say that audio is living a moment of prominence thanks to podcast content, new trends in streaming and platforms like TikTok or Instagram. With these resources we hope to nurture your creativity so that it’s not limited by any format.

The best of the best

Through the search engine, you will be able to find the specific resource you need. But, if you’re looking for inspiration or material on a particular topic, Videvo has collections of resources that have been specially selected by its team, under a specific theme. Explore them and let inspiration find you at work. Here’s just a glimpse of what’s available. 

Are you ready for a new era in your content? Get down to action and start creating. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!