Freepik has launched a new system for contributors to upload their content very easily. You just have to head over to the new Contributor site to get started.

In the Contributor Panel, you will find many sections in which the content is organized: first, you have to upload your files, and add tags, check which files have been approved or rejected and track your downloads and revenue.

One of the most interesting features is the fact that you can track the status of your submitted files. Whether they have been accepted or rejected, this useful information will help you improve your portfolio. You can try a different approach if your files have been rejected, and you can learn what worked better in the case that it was accepted.

The new system allows you to upload your work in a batch, with multiple files at once, very easily. This is very useful when you want to upload many resources, especially when you’re starting to share your content on Freepik. You can use the FTP server for uploading JPG and EPS vectors, and JPG photos.


As a contributor, you obtain earnings depending on the number of times that your files are do
wnloaded. In the stats section, you can find very useful data. For example, you can see how many times your content has been downloaded by users and how much will you be earning. You can also know the RPI (revenue per image) that you’re getting. You can also view this information organized (monthly, yearly…), so you will know at all times which designs worked best!

This new system can be used by all contributors, whether you’re already a user, a contributor, or not! 

Nevertheless, if you are already a contributor, this new panel combines the stats of your new and old files, so you will be able to access all of the stats under one platform. 

As you can see, Freepik’s Contributor Panel offers many amazing advantages that make uploading simpler and faster. These are the main advantages of the new Contributor Panel:

  • Track which files have been approved and which ones were rejected to improve your portfolio.
  • Fast and easy upload (you can upload a whole batch of files all at once)
  • Add tags to your files and titles, or add your own CSV file and the system will automatically implement them
  • Gain access to your statistics

So what are you waiting for?

Join us today as a contributor and start earning profits with your designs!


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