Upload Icons Easily with The New Panel For Flaticon’s Contributors

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Our Flaticon family is becoming bigger. We want to make things easier for everyone and deliver a positive experience to our contributors. For this reason, we’ve launched a new panel for Flaticon’s contributors!

The panel presents an intuitive and easy interface with many new features intended for speeding up the submission process and providing an efficient working environment.

So, if you are a Flaticon contributor (or want to start contributing to our platform), don’t miss out on this information. Remember that you need to sign up to the new panel in order to upload content and get paid. Keep reading to discover what this new panel offers!

How does the new Flaticon panel work?

The new panel has been created to make it easier for contributors to upload and submit content, and for reviewers to speed up the revision process. Right after accessing the panel, you can navigate around the different sections you’ll see on the left. From there, you can manage the whole submission process and consult all information related to your tasks as a contributor. Here’s a quick look at what you can do in the new panel:

  • Upload your packs directly to the panel. The number of packs you upload will depend on the contributor level you are at. You need to have one pack published to become a contributor. Have a look at the Contributor Upload Levels to know which are the requirements for each level.

upload packs

Right after uploading your packs, they will be shown in the “Not yet submitted” tab. There, you can add tags to your packs and icons before sending them to revision (we’ll tell you how it works below!)

not yet submitted

  • Track the status of your submitted packs. One of the advantages of this panel is that you can check if your files have been sent to revision, are published or rejected. Also, you can see which files need to be corrected.
  • From the panel, you can access your statistics and track the number of downloads your content gets and how much you’ve earned! Besides, your invoices and agreements are shown there, so you can consult all the relevant information!
What’s new?

The panel presents several new features designed to improve the submission process. Have a look at the newest functions of the panel:

Control the status of your files

With the new Flaticon’s panel, you can control the whole process: from the content upload until it’s published. This new feature allows contributors to follow the status of their files and, thus, obtain feedback to make the most of their next submissions.

Tag your packs and icons

One of the most useful features is that you can tag your icons and packs directly from the panel. It will save you a lot of time because the system allows you to reuse tags of previously tagged icons. For more info on how to tag your icons, click on here.

Example of how to reuse previous tags:

reuse tags

Remember that you must tag all icons and packs in order to submit your files. If some items need to be tagged, you’ll see them marked in orange. Tag them correctly to send your files to revision!

Example of icons without tags:

pending tags

Example of tagged icons:

tagged items

Equivalent packs

The panel enables you to tag equivalent packs automatically. How? Quite simply. When you upload a pack with different styles, you only need to tag one of them. For instance, let’s say you want to upload the same pack in three different styles. Tag one of them and click on the “Equivalent packs” button to apply previously used tags to the other two equivalent packs.

Please note: the “Equivalent packs” feature can only be used with packs that have the same name and number of icons.

Example of equivalent packs:

equivalent pack

equivalent pack

Uploading icons is now easier than ever with the new Flaticon’s panel! If you haven’t registered yet, make sure you sign up to the new panel as soon as possible in order to upload content and validate invoices! Otherwise, you won’t be able to submit content to Flaticon.

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