Tips and Inspiration for Your Next Scrapbooking Project

Even if you don’t call it scrapbooking, I’m sure you have done one of this, or have one at home. They are not only photo albums but crafted pieces that gather beautiful memories of travels, weddings, baby books, or other important events. 

In a scrapbook, you can include photos, maps, fabrics, stickers, ribbons, laces, tickets, or magazine clippings; you name it! All you have to do is arrange a layout, print some photos, and start creating your scrapbook. Well, you’ll also need some necessary supplies to start off, like patterned paper, specific glue, some embellishments like stickers, and a good paper trimmer. 

Although it’s a craft activity that can sometimes help you relieve stress, you can go digital first to have an idea of what you will create. How? Well, just play around with Illustrator and Freepik designs, for instance. 

These are some of Freepik designs you can incorporate into your artboard.

  1. Backgrounds. First things first. There are tons of them at our site. The most challenging thing will be deciding which one to use. Think of the pattern or style you’ll want. Whether you’ll go for a minimalistic pattern or a memphis style one, Freepik has you covered!


Download template

2. Illustrations. Again, endless possibilities with Freepik designs. Illustrations can add a cute and fun touch to a scrapbook. Animals, flowers, characters, you decide! Watercolor, realistic, or hand-drawn, choose the style that fits your photos best or combine them to create a unique piece.


Download template

3. Letters. Using photographs and illustrations is essential, but writing will help you remember some of the stories behind those moments. Adding some letters with a neon effect or a retro look will give it a fun look.


Download template

4. Stickers: There are all kinds of cute stickers you can paste in your scrapbooks, from family messages to travel stickers. Give a fun twist to your photographs with stickers and badges.

sitckers 2

Download template

5. Washi-tape: This Japanese decorative masking-tape is widely known in the scrapbooking world. You can stick your pictures to the album with it while adding a cute touch to it. We recommend you glue them with a specific glue, so it doesn’t mess up. You can create a frame with it or stick a note or detail to the scrapbook.


Download template

6. Frames: They can help you divide the page and decorate it at the same time. Embellishments like frames, ribbons, or flowers will make your scrapbook even more personal and handcrafted.

sunflower frame

Download template

7. Notes: As we’ve mentioned before, you can leave space to write whatever you like, but why would you do it in blank paper? Try one of these templates and write down stories to remember in your scrapbook.


Download template

8. The last touch…memorabilia: These are the true gem of any scrapbook. The plane ticket of your honeymoon, the confetti you took with you at that party, or the dried flowers someone gave you. Once you have all the elements you need for your scrapbook, add a personal touch using your memories; those things that somehow you kept in a box not knowing why. Well, get some of these and include them in your scrapbook. Pockets, or envelopes, are a great way to keep them safe and secrets if you want to 😉 .

Your Turn

We know creating a scrapbook takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s as rewarding and fun as it looks like. If this is your first approach to the scrapbooking scene, go easy. Take a notebook, print some photographs and resources from Freepik, and let your imagination run wild! Let us know in the comments your experience with scrapbooking and what do you think of the resources we present here!