This Technology Background Freebie Will Send You to Another Dimension

By Freepik 2 weeks ago

Are you tired of looking at your boring backgrounds on your computer? Do you want to change your smartphone wallpaper and don’t have a good one? Today’s freebie will cheer you up! Freepik has selected ten modern technology-inspired backgrounds to offer as the new freebie.

Lines, dots, curves, and waves together with the neon colors make an illusion of space and technology. From dark blue to pink and purple, these colors match perfectly the theme we are talking about. They bring you to another dimension where things happen all the time. Freepik’s dimension is what are we thinking of. You won’t know which of them you’ll choose. Tip: change it every month. These backgrounds never go out of style. They are modern, abstract, and technology-related.

Having a personal picture can sometimes distract you from doing things. Or it can also give an unprofessional image if you share a device with your colleagues. So we bring you a solution. Download this pack and choose the background you love the most. You have them in both .AI and .EPS formats. What’s more, all these designs are free to download, so do not hesitate and press the button to have them!

By Freepik



Reply to Rod Trevino

Rod Trevino

2 weeks ago

this folder shows empty on me and i downloaded 3 times already

Helena Zamora
Helena Zamora

2 weeks ago

Hello! We changed the folder, it should be fine now. Sorry about that!