This Freebie Will Be Music to Your Ears

By Flaticon 2 months ago

Have you ever wanted to develop a music streaming app? Well, If you have, Flaticon is going to ease that process for you. Today we bring you a new set of music and multimedia iconsThey are perfect for adding to any of your creative projects. Think of music blogs, streaming apps, music magazines, or online stores. You can even launch a new brand of merchandise.

Look how good they look on T-shirts or tote bags. You will find all sort of musical instruments: guitars, keyboards, DJ table, drums. All you need to do is find the right space to place them, sometimes we explain things better with icons, don’t you think?

In case you are using them to add to your website and want to make sure everyone understand the layout or want to use them for any other purpose, download these colorful icon pack for free! The vector files come in three different versions: flat, linear and linear color. You can download them in .png or.svg formats. They are infinitely scalable and also color customizable to fit your project. What do you say? Bring on the music to your designs with this great pack of icons.


By Flaticon