The Freepik Company Team Grew by 69% in 2020

Freepik Company generated 136 jobs in 2020—which represents a 69% increase in the number of employees compared to 2019—, and closed the year with a total number of 300 employees and 40 million users per month worldwide, generating a total of 1.2 billion downloads of the more than 15 million graphic assets offered by the company.

These 136 new employees in 2020, half of them hired from April onwards and immediately working from home from different regions of Spain, have covered all types of profiles: from juniors, specialists, and technicians to area managers, product managers, and executives. The Content and Technology departments are the ones that have hired the most professionals, although the Finance and Marketing departments have also been considerably strengthened. 

We are very proud to have grown at this pace even in such a difficult year. The Human Resources team has been very efficient in managing the onboarding process during lockdown and telecommuting. Actually, I joined the company myself only four months ago”, assures Amine Saoudi, CFO of Freepik Company. “Our staff is the most valuable asset we have at Freepik Company as it is the driving force behind our business. This year we plan to add close to 100 new professionals who will contribute to bring our products to more users and to continue establishing ourselves as the most useful and used image database in the world”.

Telecommuting has been implemented in Freepik Company since mid-March and will continue until at least the summer of 2021. Throughout this time, the company has managed to maintain the unity and productivity of the team and is a leader in this type of work in Spain. To this end, employees use the company’s computer equipment at home, get virtual support for incidents related to technology or human resources, and have received a gift voucher to set up a workspace at home. 

The forecast for 2021 is to continue this growth pattern as Freepik Company plans to hire more than 100 new professionals to reinforce several teams and achieve the company’s ambitious objectives for this year. Among the profiles that the company expects to recruit are content creators (such as graphic designers, art directors, photographers, etc.) and technological profiles (web developers and programmers). Although to a lesser extent, the company will also hire profiles for Marketing and Finance. Vacancies in the company can be consulted on its website, where they are kept up to date.

Profile of new hires

The company, which was founded in 2010 and started its activity with ten people, has today more than 300 employees. 42% of the team focuses on producing graphical content, hence being the department that has received most of the newest hires in 2020 (36.76%). The Technology department comes next to receive reinforcements, with 19.11% of last year’s recruits, representing almost 24% of the workforce.

The average age of the Freepik Company’s workforce is 31 years old, and gender parity prevails with 50.80% women compared to 49.20% men. Regarding the profiles that have joined the company in 2020, most of them are specialists and technicians (96%), followed by middle management (3%) and directors (1%).

The Freepik Feeling

To preserve and reinforce the staff’s sense of belonging to the company, since mid-2020, a series of internal communication actions have been developed within the framework of “The Freepik Feeling” concept. Highlights, for example, include creating an internal newsletter and the celebration of an online corporate event, which is also internal, in which the most relevant news and updates of each month are shared with the entire team.

On the other hand, the Human Resources team is constantly working to improve company benefits for employees. Currently, from the moment they join the company, all employees have access to private medical insurance, flexible working hours, flexible leave, flexible remuneration for childcare, transportation or meals, in-house English classes, initiatives to improve work-life balance, and specific training for each area, among others.