The Flaticon Freebie Ship Has Sailed: Go, Check It Out!

By Flaticon 2 weeks ago

Today is the best day to offer a new icon freebie by Flaticon. Don’t you think? Transport icons this time. We use them everyday to move around the city or to travel to different locations. So let’s give them the importance they have. By means of transport we don’t only mean cars, we are talking about bikes, buses, planes, trains but also about cruises or boats.

These transport icons are great for car rental companies as you see in the image, you can illustrate better the services you offer. Include these icons in the rental app and they’ll boost your user experience. Not only for profesional projects, you can customize your passport cover or other travel accessories with these icons. Colorful and original ideas to give another look to your passport or suitcase. Edit and print on where you want and travel with style.

The means of transport icons compiled in this set are made in flat version. The vector files come in both PNG and SVG formats and are infinitely scalable, also color customizable to fit your project. And the best of all is that is completely free. So don’t miss the chance and make the difference with this colorful transport icons!  Click on the green button to download!

By Flaticon