The Five Best Social Media Strategy Templates

By Slidesgo 4 weeks ago

Given the proliferation and widespread use of social networks these days, it has become increasingly vital for businesses and organizations to have a social media marketing strategy in place.

It helps to increase the reach of their content and boost communication with their target audience by being on the same platforms they’re on and ensuring the brand’s voice is seen and heard.

When it comes to presenting a plan for it, it must be backed up not only with key and strategic information but also a well-designed and structured template.

To guarantee effectiveness, your presentation needs to include the following basics:

  • About us
  • Market analysis
  • Goals and strategy
  • Content plan
  • Budget
  • KPI overview

In this article, we’ll show you five of the best social media strategy templates we have at Slidesgo you can use to wow your audience.

All of them will have the sections mentioned above and are crafted and designed in their own special way to cater to different businesses, sectors, and audiences.

Let’s get straight to them.

Orange social media

First up is our Orange Social Media Strategy template.

As stated in its name, the color orange features throughout the entire deck and is contrasted against a white background and black icons and text.

The thing that’ll first catch your attention is the simplicity of the design—a theme that permeates the presentation.

The shade of orange used also emanates warmth and energy, which can be used to draw out feelings of enthusiasm from your viewers to get them excited.

Aside from applying it to the graphics, we’ve also used similar tones in the images to maintain a sense of coherence and to complement the rest of the design.

One of the highlights is this slide on audience demographics.

It covers the gender, age, and interest distribution of the target audience by combining a variety of elements (charts, icons, etc.), which are also spaced out enough to keep the content neat and organized.

Twisted social media

This next template, Twisted Social Media, takes on a cool and modern approach.

Donning a pleasant purple background with white and orange text, it is also decorated with geometric shapes as part of its style.

One of our favorite slides is this one on strategy goals because it clearly lays out a plan and keeps in line with the theme at the same time.

Continuing with its geometric theme, we see little triangles sprinkled across the top. The different steps of the strategy’s goals are also represented by circles enclosing white icons to represent various milestones.

And by connecting one circle to the next, the path to success is clearly laid out so your audience can follow the journey you’ll take to reach your social media marketing end objective, which is aptly represented by a bullseye.

Boutique hotel social media

Our next template is created for businesses in the hospitality industry.

Scattered with relaxing lifestyle images of holiday-makers enjoying their vacation as well as scenic views, this is the perfect presentation for boutique hotels and B&Bs as it transmits a sense of pure tranquility.

That said, these slides can also be easily adapted and modified to suit other establishments, especially other similar ones like restaurants or tour agencies that cater to the same industry and consumer needs. All you have to do is swap out the pictures for others that are relevant to you.

There’s also a vintage touch to the design along with the laid-back and carefree sensation represented by the photos. Together, they can trigger travel nostalgia and wanderlust desires in your viewers, which makes for the perfect social media marketing template for businesses in the tourism sector!

Ocean social media

This next social media strategy template, Save Our Oceans Social Media, is an environmentally- and nature-themed one.

This is made clear right from the beginning with an image of a diver swimming around the coral-filled ocean bed on its cover page.

By and far, the best part of this deck is its heavy use of pictures.

As an eco-focused presentation, one way to spur viewers into taking environmentally friendly actions is with images that convey a sense of importance and urgency in saving our planet.

In this template, not only are such photos used to fill the entire background of certain slides, but they’re also combined with icons, graphics, and text to further emphasize the message.

Be it a business practising corporate social responsibility or a non-profit organization aimed at educating the public about the environment, this is the ideal social media campaign template for you.

Isometric gradient social media

The fifth template we have for you is the Isometric Gradient Social Media Strategy.

From the neon purple and green background and illustrations on its cover page, it’s clear from the get-go that it’s catered to tech-based brands.

The graphics used throughout are also representative of a futuristic and modern theme.

It includes posting frequencies for six of the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

And to maintain coherence, it also features the same neon colors and similar isometric illustrations used in the rest of the deck.

There you have it—the five best social media strategy templates. We hope you’ve found inspiration in them.

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