The dreaded Moiré effect, used to this artist’s own advantage: clever!

Moiré effect is something usually dreaded by graphic designers: but what is it actually? The moiré effect is an interference pattern that appears when two lines are aligned at a certain angle, not just exclusive to the digital world, but also in the silk fabric that gave the effect its name.


Italian designer Andrea Minini has taken advantage of this effect to add depth and volume to his illustrations of animals, using bold colors in the background and thin, undulated, colored lines that give off the illusion of movement and perfect shading of volume, even in black and white pieces.



His work is minimalist and makes a great use of color. The lines will look like they are wiggling while you are scrolling or if you get closer to the screen or if you move away from it, but this complex technique is an example of using an unwanted effect in the way that you want. His work was even featured on the cover of a Nico&Vinz album, hired by Warner Bros Records!


Check the rest of his artwork on Behance.