The best retro style PowerPoint and Google Slides templates

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Do you have a box hidden deep down your closet where you keep all the clothes you used to rock during the 60s, 70s and 80s? Then, go get it because today is your lucky day! All the trends that made these years so unique are back not only in clothes, but also in art, design and music. 

Difference between retro and vintage style

If a style makes you feel like on a trip to the past, it is most probably vintage or retro. Applying one of these styles to your presentations will give them a strong personality that will make them stand out from the rest, but first you need to know what differentiates these two design currents. 

What is retro style in design

Retro and vintage often come hand in hand, but there are huge differences in their personalities. The main characteristic that will make you identify retro is that even though it was designed in the present times, it is reminiscent from aesthetics from the past. 

Computer Science Degree for College by Slidesgo (1)

For example, the template Computer Science Degree For College combines dark, grainy backgrounds and the famous grids that are characteristic of old video games with an interface from modern computers. 

The retro style is a call for nostalgia and adapts itself to whichever decade it is reminiscent of. For example, the 80s were full of color, neon and geometry. It was an era where technology and futurism were at their highest, and presentations like Bootstrap Agency convey that feeling. 

Bootstrap agency

What is vintage style

Vintage is an easy to identify style. Its palette doesn’t stand out as much as the retro one, because it focuses on white, cream and pastel tones. However, vintage designs are full of personality, too. The different textures, and decorated lines give the designs an “old” look that makes the creations feel like a true masterpiece. 

art deco

Art Deco Lesson is an example of a vintage presentation. Its design makes you feel as if it is an original artwork of the 30s, which is one of the main points of retro style: it is made of original pieces from the past, rather than designing new ones with “old” aesthetics. 

Rather than playing with nostalgia, retro designs will make you feel like you are watching a true work. Therefore, the concept will not mix modern and “old” decorations, but stick to the true essence of the era. A clear example of this is Welcome to art nouveau.

art noveau

Example with a retro and vintage template

The combination of the strong nostalgia feelings from retro and the originality and uniqueness of vintage creates extraordinary designs. Even though these two art currents often come hand by hand, now you are able to identify which elements are characteristic of each style. Take a look at the presentation Revolution – History Lesson, can you tell the styles apart?

Revolution — History Lesson by Slidesgo

For example, the lines that fill the slides with red color are clearly retro. In addition, the halftone decorations (the dot grid) is characteristic of the comics of the 50s to the 70s, and the illustrations evoke the modernist soviet posters. 

Revolution — History Lesson by Slidesgo

This presentation has a strong retro personality because it appeals to the nostalgia of old comics and soviet posters, but it also has a vintage nuance because of the cream colors and the textures: they make the presentation look like it was an original piece from that time.

Retro and vintage have a shared core, but each one has its own style and details that makes it unique. Understanding their differences can help you curate your presentations in order to reach the expected reaction from your audience; either appealing to their emotions and nostalgia with a retro approach, conveying uniqueness and elengancy with a retro aesthetic, or going a step further and mixing both. 

Now that you master these two styles, you are ready to take a look at Slidesgo and choose the presentation that best suits your needs. Download your favourite and take a trip back to the past!

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