The best presentation templates of 2020

By Slidesgo 1 month ago

The year is about to end, which means it’s time to see what design trends have been popular, regarding presentations, during these last twelve months. Some of them will keep going strong in 2021, that’s for sure!

Would you like to know which ones? In this post, we’ll show you the top three templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint of 2020.

3. Virtual Campaign

Starting with the third place, this template is perfect to present the strategy to follow whenever you want to launch a new product or service to the market. It was very popular as soon as it got published, and it still is!

Its creative design, full of life and colors, is quite characteristic. The backgrounds contain some twinkling stars, conveying happiness and confidence to the audience. This slideshow will make your ideas shine through!

The number of different sections is impressive, covering many aspects that you’d probably want to talk about: content plans, market research, budgets, KPIs, and so on. Take advantage of this chance and explain your data in a visual manner so your colleagues can understand everything at a glance.

Download the Virtual Campaign template now and captivate your audience with this creative design that resembles the interface of a computer program!

2. Online Notebook

The second place goes to this template, the perfect choice for those students or teachers who want some help when preparing their classes.

The slides, as you’ve probably guessed, look like the pages of a notebook, making them more versatile and easier to adapt. There are also highlights, drawings, post-it notes and illustrations of school material.

The design is quite cool thanks to the doodle appearance of the resources. In fact, the typography is hand-drawn too, a fitting choice. Oh, and if you need to explain complex concepts, there are some graphs and mind maps that will come in handy!

Do you want the best template for your classes? Download the Online Notebook template and help your students focus on the lesson.

1. Puress Online

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the template that came out on top in 2020: Puress Online!

This creative presentation has lots of watercolor elements that will leave your audience speechless. Thanks to its multi-purpose structure, you can use it for any—and we mean any—topic imaginable. There’s more! It’s available in five different colors: red, blue, orange, pink, and green.

These slides are a safe bet if you really want to catch your audience’s attention. It’s like a canvas where you can paint your ideas with watercolor. Amazing, isn’t it?

Use the graphs and the infographics included to reflect all your data and explain visually all you want to convey. Humans are known for being “visual learners”, which means the eyes are our best tool to learn new things, so make the most of the powerful graphics of this template.

Did you like all three? There are hundreds of templates waiting for you on Slidesgo’s website. Create fascinating presentations in no time!

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