The best PowerPoint and Google Slides templates for restaurants

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Restaurants are much more than just places to enjoy a good meal. They are part of the culture of each country and are places where you have surely celebrated unforgettable events, closed important business deals and spent fun moments.

The Slidesgo team wants to pay a particular tribute to them. That’s why we bring you this post in which they have compiled the top 6 best PowerPoint and Google Slides templates for restaurants.

Which presentation will be in first place? Scroll down and find out ☺️ Bon appétit!

TOP 6: Nature coffee newsletter

Starting the day with a good cup of coffee is a small pleasure indispensable for many. With this free newsletter template inspired by this drink you can keep all coffee lovers up to date. It is perfect whether you have a store that sells the product or if you write a blog about it and want to send your subscribers the most outstanding posts and news of the week.

Its minimalist design gives it an elegant look, and the green and yellow colors represent raw and roasted coffee beans. In addition, we have included illustrations of other utensils related to this delicious topic, such as grinders, cups and coffee makers:

Download this free nature coffee newsletter template, start editing it now and spread the benefits and news of this delicious beverage.

TOP 5: Food and beverage meeting

When you have a meeting it is advisable to prepare and organize the topics to optimize time and focus on what is really important. In this template you have high quality photographs and the necessary resources to make your presentation clear and concise.

The first thing to do is to define the objectives of the meeting, so that everyone is clear about the main topic to be discussed. Try to establish a maximum of two or three important points, to avoid going on for too long, and try to summarize them in a single paragraph:

Another resource that will make your presentation clearer when explaining new projects are timelines, as they help to easily visualize the steps to follow. And if you also combine them with images, such as the ones included in this template, you can be sure that your audience will thank you for it.
Now you can start explaining step by step the new additions to your restaurant’s menu.

This food and beverage meeting template is available for Premium users. Discover all the advantages of Slidesgo subscriptions and join now to start enjoying them.

TOP 4: Smoothies menu

Now that the good weather is starting, who doesn’t fancy a nice smoothie to cool off? These popular drinks are in high demand, and that’s why Slidesgo has created this template with which you can design your own smoothies menu.

It has a doodle style that gives it an informal and fun touch, and in it you will find different illustrations that will make your creations more visual. In addition, it is designed in printable A4 format and is 100% editable, so you can easily adapt the texts.

Smoothies usually combine fruit with milk and nuts. In these cases, it is always convenient to have an allergen menu, like the one you can see below. This way your customers will be able to consult it in case they have any intolerance or allergy.

If you liked this template, you can find more free editable restaurant menu templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides on Slidesgo.

TOP 3: Food truck business plan

Something that is vital in any business is a good business plan, essential to study the feasibility of your project, get funding, attract investors, etc. This time we show you one especially designed for food trucks, which have become very popular in recent years.

Its colorful design will immediately capture the attention of your audience, who will be fascinated by the creativity of your presentation, full of illustrations of roads and clouds that will mark your path to success.
One of the first things to do is to make a market and competition analysis, for which you can use a summary table that gathers the most important points:

Another part of your plan that cannot be missing is the analysis of your target audience. To do this, we recommend using visual resources such as infographics and icons, which allow you to shorten text and show data in a visual way:

Put your idea into action with this premium food truck business plan template, and don’t let anything stop you!

TOP 2: Kawaii sushi company

Konnichiwa! This Japanese restaurant template will delight you with its adorable kawaii style and fun illustrations of smiling sushi pieces. The combination of green and orange conveys joy and optimism, and the light background brings light to your presentation.

As for the typography, we have selected a rounded one for the headlines and a sans serif one for the texts, which facilitate readability.
This Slidesgo proposal has everything you need to achieve your goals: maps, graphs, timelines, diagrams, etc., whether you want to publicize your restaurant or menu, or if you are looking for shareholders.

Did you like it? Then download this premium kawaii sushi company template and differentiate yourself from your competition. Meshiagare!

TOP 1: Restaurant marketing plan

On the podium of our ranking is this premium restaurant marketing plan template, which will help you give a boost to your business.
Nowadays everyone is looking for reviews and information online, so if you want to reach your audience, prepare a good marketing strategy that will help you attract customers to your restaurant.
Its minimalist style and soft colors on a light gray background make it very versatile and adaptable to all types of restoration premises. And its lifestyle photographs and sans serif typography reinforce the idea of modernity.

Use the visual elements included in the template to establish your short and long term goals in a clear and concise way. This will help you focus on what’s important and avoid distractions in your roadmap:

You know, set goals, communicate them properly to your team, and go for it!
If you’re hungry for more, visit Slidesgo and discover the wide variety of free restaurant and menu templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides that you have at your disposal, they are 100% editable. Search, choose, download and GO!

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