The Best Logos of 2018

By Orana Velarde 2 months ago

Don’t you love looking through images of amazing designs to get inspired? I do! I especially love looking at logos. I’ve been doing that since I was little and my mom would give me her design books to get distracted with. Here at Freepik, we love inspiring you so we’ve put together our favorite logos of 2018. Some are big-name rebranding designs and some are new. We picked our favorites hoping they would ignite your creativity for future projects. Making collections like these can help maintain your creative spark alight. Try doing these with Pinterest boards or in collections within your Behance account.

Here are the best logos of 2018, according to Freepik. (And me).


The MailChimp logo changed in 2018. From a script font to this modern and personalized sans serif. The designers at Collins renewed the log and the chimp’s winking face. The new logo aims to be more timeless than the previous version. Yes, it looks like script fonts are on their way out for logos. Lot’s of new logos are getting the script to sans serif switch. If you look at the letters m, h, and p in the logo, doesn’t it look like there is a banana on top of them? The little crook in the shoulder resembles the tip of a banana. Or maybe it’s just me. There is no indication to that in the designer brief. What do you think?

Mailchimp Logo


The Uber logo redesign is part of a new design system for the company. The designers at Wolff Ollins put the importance of the letter U in Uber. The new logo follows perfect circles and movement, like the way roads move.

I like the new Uber logo, especially since the previous one had those weird icons that looked like strange bathroom tile decorations. What do you think of the new logo? Watch the video in the project brief to get an idea of how they designed it.

Uber Logo


A surprising logo rebrand in 2018 was the Burberry logo. The new logo has a simplicity that only a sans serif font can bring. The look the Burberry hasn’t changed this much in over a hundred years, it’s a big thing! They are definitely looking to the future with this new logo. I was glad to know that they jumped over whole the script font era and went straight from serif to sans. Along with the new logo, the rebrand included a new monogram pattern. It’s fun, colorful and definitely a new look for the timeless brand.


burberry logo

Animal Planet

Joining the huge rebrand pattern of 2018, we have the new Animal Planet logo. The new logo has an elephant like the original Animal Planet logo from years ago. But unlike the original logo, this new version is super simplified and perfectly scalable for digital.

The designers’ idea behind the new logo was to be able to reach audiences anywhere in the world. The design is timeless and simple and can be relatable to both kids and adults alike.


Animal Planet Logo


Doing the regular Behance scroll for inspiration I found this logo for Vince by Gabriel M. Ramos. The wordmark has a unique letter v with a heavy base and a very 2018 rounded monospace feel. The best part of the Vincer logo is the shape system which makes up the little houses and patterns in the visual material.

Vincer logo

Soo Zee 23

Another wonderful logo we found on Behance is this one for Soo Zee 23. This noodle restaurant wanted a full design for their logo and overall look. In Taiwanese, “Soo Zee” means 23. For a fully cultural design, the Chinese characters for “eat” and “23” are included in the logo.

The Creative Mood Agency took a really interesting approach with vintage-style illustrations and an interchangeable parts design, resembling a fun children’s book.

Soo Zee 23 Logo


Designing for businesses geared at kids isn’t always easy. A business like a kid’s dentist is particularly scary, not just for the kids that need to go there but also for the parents. A designer’s job in this situation is special an unique, that is why I picked this logo as one of my favorites for 2018.

The designer, Agu Wu did a great job with this logo and design system by using the classic “boy and girl” colors but muted down to feel more universal. The logo includes two boy and girl characters having fun and smiling. They are arranged in a shape that resembles the tooth counting image dentists use for analysis.

Toothopia logo

Over to you

What have been your favorite logos of 2018? Do you collect favorite logos as I do? Can’t wait to see what new amazing logos I will be collecting in 2019. Leave us a comment if you also collect logos.


By Orana Velarde