Thanks for Being Part of “Here to Help Facing COVID-19”

As you may know, from March 18, coinciding with the beginning of the confinement in Spain and many other countries, from Freepik Company we launched the initiative “Here to Help Facing Covid-19”. Our goal with this initiative was to give free access to the Premium services of Freepik and Flaticon to different essential workers such as teachers, journalists and professionals of public institutions from all over the world during 3 months.

As this initiative comes to an end by the end of June 2020, we are really proud of the results and we want to thank everybody that joined and helped us to spread this action. Together we managed to help more than 600 people from the field of Education, Health, Public Administration and the Media, giving them access to more than 10 million graphic resources that have allowed them to continue with their information and education work from home and online.

The education community has been strongly involved in this initiative, around 50% of the users were teachers from different countries such as Brazil, US, Spain and Indonesia and different educational levels, including preschool teachers and university professors.

“Here to Help Facing Covid-19” initiative has also consisted of producing graphic resources about coronavirus to facilitate raising awareness about this disease. From Freepik we were able to offer, in a  very short time, more than 3000 free and exclusive images related to coronavirus, being able to support those who needed quality images to inform about the pandemic.

According to an analysis that we have carried out, some of the resources that we especially produced during the outbreak have been the most searched and downloaded between March 15 and April 30. We can confirm that 43% of the 10 search terms refer to “coronavirus” or “covidand of these, more than 64% were downloaded. 

Covid-19 Infographic

The next most searched terms have been “mask”, “stay at home” and “work from home”, as well as “doctor”, “social distancing” and “hands”, which showed that users looked for images with the intention of using them for informing and preventing the disease. Among the different types of graphic resources, the most downloaded were photographs, infographics, backgrounds, and illustrations adapted to use in social media like Instagram.

Stay at Home

The Freepik Company team is proud of being of help in such difficult times and we hope that our graphic resources keep being useful for anybody at any time.