Take Some Sensational Smartphone Photos

By Freepik 11 months ago

The evolution of mobile phones and their ability to take compelling photos has been incredible. With the majority of people now in possession of a smartphone, you can guarantee there are a range of smart snaps out there. Yet there is always room for improvement and here Freepik we have compiled a list of the best phone apps to really add a professional touch to your photos. They are perfect for all those who either need a bit of practice or are wanting to add a bit of professional polish.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is great for both editing photos and creating collages. It is completely free and is perfect to play around with your photos. It is easy to use and can add another dimension to your photos.


Ultralight provides six photo editing tools for you to quickly get to grips with. They also come with a range of filters to which you can edit your photos with ease. What’s more, you can create your own custom filters and reuse your favorites.


Simple to use and available in fifteen different languages what is there not to like about Afterlight. You can really take advantage of the tools on offer. You can also choose a frame for your photos as well.


VSCO provides a range of filters and editing tools that will add an instant professional quality to your photos. You are able to upload photos from your camera album and it gives you the option of creating your own journal.


Snapseed is easy to use but don’t let that underestimate the power of its applications. It comes with its own filters and a range of tools tone and contrast and lens blur to really enhance your photos.


By Freepik