Take some profitable photos with Freepik’s most in demand styles

By Freepik 2 years ago

As photography contributors we want your work at Freepik to have as much success as possible. Our users appreciate what you have to offer and the wide variety of styles you bring. To further increase your profit we have reviewed both the most popular styles and those which we need more of. It will really help you refine your next collection and meet user demands.

Popular Photo styles

Still life photography is among the most popular categories on the Freepik website. Throughout the category, there are a variety of different objects positioned as subjects. Photos with flower arrangements are commonplace and come in a variety of different colours. Other popular subjects include food and spices in a kitchen setting or phones and tablets on a professional backdrop. The backgrounds are set in a variety of different tones such as pinks, blues, and greens.



Flat lay photography is also popular with users. For this style, simple objects such as mobile phones, coffee cups and notebooks are the subjects. Flat lay and natural lighting are commonly used as they add an even tone and ensure the objects are the centre of the photo. The source for flat lay lighting can be both natural and artificial as long as it decreases or softens the shadows present. Normally light filtering through a window is sufficient but sometimes a soft artificial lighting source or the use of a reflector can have the same effect. Knolling photography, which can use flat lay lighting,  has recently gained popularity especially with blogs and other online publications. Freepik is looking for more of this style. It’s a little more complex than flat lay photography and revolves around organization and asserting patterns.



The most popular background style is that of wood whether it be oak, mahogany or pine. Painted wood in different colours ranging from pastel to bright are also in demand. It offers a simple yet compelling background that is compatible with a range of different objects and colours. A blackboard background is also sought after by users. It is complementary and can be used for a variety of different arrangements such as that of food. 



With this advice, you can start planning and creating some compelling and profitable photos. What’s more, you can help the Freepik photo collection become even greater. So get snapping today!

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