A watercolorist, a fashion illustrator and a sculptor take on this challenge! How will they do outside of their artistic comfort zone with pancake art?

Thanks to their Legos, the kids are able to envision their future careers and the block pieces symbolize their development towards their dreams.

He wanted to study three kinds of bird that are native to Mexico: the toucan, the hummingbird and the Mexican quetzal, and they look incredible!

Much like shaping glass, the candy must be warmed up first and then carefully modelled into these complicated shapes and huge amounts of detail.

Particularly, some of the most colorful and impressive pieces are the ones in her bird stamp collection. It's really beautiful, make sure to not miss out!

De Beijer tried to capture in his work the way that Knight might have imagined the world's situation by only hearing news on the radio, unable to see the photographs.