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Of course they couldn't forget about Garfield, Felix the Cat and Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes, and the ever mysterious Schrodinger's Cat! :)

The Oscars gala is an obligatory meeting for all cinema lovers. Lights and action and all the focus is.. do the wardrobe?. But and the cinematographic posters? Why nobody talks about them? Certainly the film poster is the main piece to the attention of the public, is like the cover of a book…Have many of us not bought once a book just to have a beautiful cover?

Maria · 10 months ago

The posters are really beautiful, their designs bursting with color and futuristic elements that portray worlds like the ones that the Sci-Fi genre already imagined.

In this video tutorial you will learn how to illustrate your own Retro Halloween Poster in Adobe Photoshop. Learn the step by step process for creating an illustration from concept sketch to finished design. Discover some useful tips on how to make color comps and learning to paint with both the brush and pen tool together. The workflow is simple and easy to follow!

Audiovisual content everywhere might contribute to make our brains a little bit lazy, so why not use striking visuals to inspire your thirst for books?

10 awesome mock-ups from Freepik! Availables in PSD and JPG! Download them now for free!

Freepik · 1 year ago

He studied the work of other painters from back in the day, to create a poster inspired by the 80s era of hand painted movie posters. Does it remind you of Star Wars? :)

New Year resolutions are often the same again and again: sign up for the gym, go to the gym, curse less, and eat more veggies. Pete Marajich's was to make a movie poster a day during 2016. Want to see the results so far? You will want them on your wall!