You will not be able to stop looking at these gifs, made with flat color illustrations and tons of inspiration gathered from the streets of Tokyo.

Gudim's work features daily situations that will make you feel many emotions: some of the comics are simpler, but other ideas are a bit more complex - still really fun!

One thing is for sure: most of us don't have great lifestyle habits. Make some of these changes part of your resolutions for 2017!

Gramfel is definitely not a dark spin-off of Garfield, but the story of a cat and its owner, both of which aren't exactly on the same page.

For example, the ninja expresses how an introvert acts at a party: trying to go unnoticed, and looking to leave early.

Will people in the future cringe when they hear about our WiFi connectivity issues or fretting over not having received a text message response?

He doesn’t have such an average life, because not everybody gets to share their loo paper with Selena Gomez or step onto Taylor Swift's Lego bricks! :)

A red plate indicates danger and might make us more aware of what we put on them to eat, and taking notes on a yellow notebook could make us be more alert!

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How to deal with your client when he doesn’t like any of the presented designs. Six things to do to face that situation.

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