Her project plays with the idea of how would have Van Gogh seen some of pop culture's most iconic characters and series: Harry Potter, Totoro and the Golden Gate bridge!

The pin collection includes a daisy kitty design, a cat house (or a house cat) and a kitten that carries a bunch of flowers on its back.

Idioms exclusive to a language are truly an interesting phenomenon, that can quickly turn into funny situations due to common misunderstandings :)

Some of these will make you look at things from another perspective: how are pumpkins able to survive without a face until Halloween?

Sara Fratini ,Venezuelan illustrator, studied Art in Madrid (Spain) when began her activity as an illustrator. Sara Fratini’s drawings make us smile thanks to real and unapologetic women, turning day to day in a wonderful adventure. Author of La buena vida (2015) and Una tal Martina (2016). Every day, when the alarm rings is a new canvas to fill. We hope that you enjoy with this interview!

Maria · 1 year ago

With huge doe eyes filled with wonder, all kinds of animals (from cute unicorns to adorable and fluffy spiders) become super lovable.

Henn Kim does a great job in capturing the beauty of unrequited love and summertime sadness in her metaphorical illustrations.