Her project plays with the idea of how would have Van Gogh seen some of pop culture's most iconic characters and series: Harry Potter, Totoro and the Golden Gate bridge!

You are probably familiar with these names: Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black and James Potter! :)

Creatures of the Harry Potter magical universe: Nifflers, Giants, Merpeople and the Common Welsh Green Dragon are all present. And you can print the posters out!

Adding Dobby on Facebook can become a very creepy nightmare for Harry... But that "Troll in the comments" reaction is truly priceless!

You can visit the library in 360º, and if you have a VR cardboard set, it will be even more interesting if you don't have the option of visiting IRL :)

Something makes these book covers really stand out and that is why he has teamed up with Pottermore to produce official posters for every Harry Potter book.

The film comes out on November 18th, and the whole fandom is waiting for it.

Will Pancho receive a letter of acceptance to Hogwarts someday? We don't know, but at least his little room under the stairs is far more comfortable that Harry's!

Max and Lucile make funny illustrations starring Mr. Georges in costumes, such as Totoro, a Titanic survivor, Harry Potter, a Roman emperor and a cute baby at the same time. Be sure to check their work out, it will make you smile and have a better Monday! :)

For the saga's enthusiasts that are also into graphic design, this exhibition held in London by design studio MinaLima will be a thrill. It features all of the artwork and graphic props that the studio was commissioned to make for the films between 2001 and 2010. It’s amazing how creative they are! :O