Stuck in an infinite loop, we have a forever rolling sausage, a banana that can't stand up straight, and a bee that flies through a field indefinitely.

You will not be able to stop looking at these gifs, made with flat color illustrations and tons of inspiration gathered from the streets of Tokyo.

In his series Lepidoptera Obscura, he combined pencils, watercolor and animation to create something really amazing.

Using the app Giphy MoGA (which is also available on Steam) and a VR device, you can visit it anytime you want to discover the selection of gifs that they have prepared.

Just like an Inktober or Nanowrimo challenge, the fact that you are supposed to work a bit on your abilities every day might spark your creativity! :)

They have created a series of gifs where the letters magically appear and disappear in a loop thanks to their awesome addition of motion graphics to their work.

If you search smiley, you will get a loading message in Comic Sans while it searches the database to show you hundreds of yellow moving faces.

Christ Phillips (aka Crispe) is an animator and illustrator from Sydney, Australia, who creates content for agencies and brands. He also makes hilarious gifs!