Have you ever wanted to print your own design on a piece of clothing, such as a T-shirt or a hoodie? You will love this scren printing course from Tutpad!

Fontself Maker is a software tool that allows you to create a brand new typeface in just a few minutes, allowing you to obtain a font from vectors easily.

Thanks to the new pattern and icon editor, and now you can edit icons from Flaticon directly in your browser, without the need of a vector editing software!

A few years ago, Sony made an announcement revealing that they were intending to make a real image Sonic film. The film is a step closer to its release now!

This month we launched a new course to learn about animal design where our skilled instructor, Sarita Kolhatkar, teaches you how to sketch animals by studying the shape and basic anatomy of real animals to then create a fictional character.

Tutpad · 1 month ago

You can download many vectors and resources from Freepik in a SVG format. But what does this extension mean and how can you use these files? Learn it here!

This is a very good exercise to experiment with the consistency of your own style: if you like to draw in curvy lines, try to adapt angular characters!

Social Media is such a big part of our lives now. It’s everywhere and almost everybody is on some sort of social media network. But social media is even more important for your business and these days if you don’t have a social media presence then your business does not exist.

“Learn about costume design” is part of Sarita Kolhatar’s series in pre-production design, in this case developing a dark version of the popular fairy tale Snow White. In this series, we will start developing a strong main character and then move on to the different aspects of character design, color, shapes… So if you are in love with Trisha Biggar’s (Star Wars), Paco Delgado’s (The Danish girl) or Colleen Atwood’s (Alice in Wonderland) masterpieces, and have always wanted to design gorgeous gowns then enroll now on this wonderful course!

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Pantone predicted which colors would be the most trendy for the Fall-Winter season 2017. Let’s take a look at them and remember what colors they picked!

The Smashicons team came to visit our office in Málaga and we were happy to meet them! Today, we would like to share our collaboration story with you!