Success story: Katemangostar, a top Freepik contributor

Recently, Kate and Pavel, CEOs of MangoStar, came to visit our Freepik office in Málaga. We were delighted to receive them! Kate (Katemangostar) is one of Freepik’s top contributors, and she runs MangoStar along with Pavel, who is an art director at the company.

Thanks to their earnings, they are able to invest in producing even more resources: hiring models, upgrading equipment and working with more people as MangoStar grows.

Freepik allows you to earn money as you produce content. If you create high quality content that is potentially usable and profitable, and that people will love, you will quickly grow. It is simple as that!

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Becoming a contributor at Freepik can be a real boost for your design or photography career: if you already share your content on other microstock sites, it’s even easier. Since there’s no exclusivity clause, you can share the content that you have already put up for download on other websites. Freepik has a high web traffic volume and you will gain incredible exposure for your designs!

There are some tips and secrets behind success. To become a top contributor, you have to display your most original ideas, and do your best to keep innovating constantly. At the same time, you will be growing as an artist!

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Do you wish to work as a contributor with Freepik? Just keep adding new resources and be on the lookout for worldwide events, festivities and holidays from around the world. If you have a vast portfolio, why not share it on Freepik? You will gain exposure and be able to generate profit from these resources.

Take these things into mind, and your experience as a Freepik contributor will be an amazing journey along the path of growth and improvement.

Our team is open to solve any questions that you might have, and you can even have a Skype call with us to learn more. We are always open to new suggestions and ideas if you want to collaborate with us!

Join us today!


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Syeda Arzoo
Syeda Arzoo

1 year ago

please help. What to write in status of images on freepik? I am facing issue in status, its showing cross and not publishing my photos..