Step Into Creative Process with New Flaticon Freebie

By Flaticon 2 months ago

What do creative people think of? Coffee, sleep, inspiration? Maybe their next project?

You tell us! Google defines creativity as “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something”. And the recent study shows that graphic design is at the top of most demanding creative professions.

We gathered these two statements and created a new freebie- “Creative Process icon set” brought to you by Flaticon.

150 icons that describe creative process as it is: with tools, daily necessities and images picturing each step of creativity.

As usual, all the icons are completely customizable so you can use them anywhere you want. Create an awesome print for the t-shirt or give your designer friend customized mug or just use them in your online blog- you decide.

In this set not only you can find some icons that describe features such as text, colours, calendar, etc but what’s more we’ve included a few with a designer (or any creative person) at work: listening to music, having an idea or just dreaming about fresh coffee.

Now click on this green button and download this set for free!

By Flaticon