How to Snap Some Profitable Vacation Photos

By Freepik 11 months ago

Taking a vacation is a great time to unwind, relax and think about future objectives and goals. Yet as a current or future Freepik photography contributor it’s also a time where you can think about making a profit. The photos you take on your vacation can be of great value to us here at Freepik. Often common concepts encountered abroad are popular with our users all year round.


Obtaining Permission

It is not recommended to use popular monuments in your photos. As a contributor who will be uploading commercial photography, you are prohibited from featuring a lot of places for this use. In the majority of cases, they are only allowed to be featured in an editorial context.  You also need to take care when regarding the people featured in your photo. Using any recognizable faces is only allowed if the people involved have signed a model release form. If this is not a possibility then is accompanied by family members on your vacations they could act as subjects. You can also act as your own model by using a tripod and taking photos of yourself. If featuring other body parts such as the hands of someone else then you would not need permission. This could give you the opportunity to think of creative and dynamic ideas beforehand.


Locations and Themes

Taking vacation photos gives you the opportunity to take advantage of your surrounding locations on a professional as well as personal level. Whether this year’s vacation features mountains, pools, beaches, canals or deserts there is plenty to work from. It is important to make sure the background is clear and as uncluttered as possible. For those relaxing by the coast palm trees, seafronts and beaches are popular summer related concepts and are perfect for obtaining a larger amount of downloads. Suitable themes which are good to explore in your photos are that of tourism, travel, movement, and flight. For example, you can portray these with photos featuring planes, suitcases, sunglasses and other representative subjects. It is important to include as many universal concepts in your photos as possible. This is so regardless of country our users can identify the desired themes. A good example of this would be a glass of wine or the silhouette of someone enjoying the sunset. Furthermore, we are looking to increase our collection of photos including different texture such as that of different walls and buildings.



On vacation, it is likely that you will be walking around and exploring. Normally we like to interact with our surroundings a lot more. Your photographic equipment is fundamental to taking profitable photos. We recommend bringing a camera that will produce high-quality images. As well it is important to be aware of factors such as camera shake and noise. Although you are on vacation you can not afford to relax on the quality of your images.


We hope you enjoy your vacation and are sure we will see the enjoyment and memories through your photos. Here at Freepik we seek to continuously refine and grow our photo collection and you as a current or future photography contributor are a fundamental part of this. We seek for the relationship we have with our contributors to be as profitable for them as possible.



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