Recently, Richard and Ben from Smashicons came to visit our office in Málaga, and we were very happy to receive them! They have worked for Flaticon for a long time now, designing high quality icons for our user community. Today, we would like to share our collaboration story with you!
Richard Wearn is the CEO of Smashicons, and works along with Ben Davis, with whom he founded a parallel project, called Creaticca. We talked to them to find out what it was like, in their experience, to work with a platform like us.

Richard and Ben are happy to work with Flaticon because  “the team is young and fresh, with fresh ideas and it’s a good environment for creativity to develop”. When they first learned about Flaticon, they were very glad to realize that the quality of the icons was really high, and they consider the content to be very well constructed.

What they like the most about working with Flaticon is that, “instead of working in a studio environment with clients, we have a lot of creative freedom, which allows us to improve our skills and build our own unique icon portfolio. You really get to work on your own ideas which is really positive to develop your creativity”.

The team from Smashicons produces a fixed amount of icons every month for Flaticon to purchase, and there is no exclusivity clause – they can still upload their content  to other platforms. Flaticon has become one of the most important sources of revenue for Smashicons, which allows them to expand their business. Working together with us allows the Smashicons team to create better content with the most interesting themes.

Thanks to Richard and Ben’s professional backgrounds, they are very serious about quality assurance. They like to apply their quality control approach to icon design in order to ensure that the quality is great, and that the icons will work on multiple formats. The process that they  follow to create their icons is very detailed: “we have a development stage where we freehand our icons, do our research and make sure that every icon works. Then there’s the drawing stage where everything takes shape”.

As a result, looking at their great icon packs, every step of this process is worth it!

Visit Smashicon’s profile at Flaticon to see more of their work!

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