Slidesgo has minithemes now!

By Slidesgo 2 months ago

The best things always come in small packages: perfumes, food, gifts… and the same happens with presentations! Slidesgo has come up with a new concept for templates that will come in handy for those who want to give a short, brief, yet astonishing speech: minithemes! Keep reading and discover what this new concept is about.

What is a minitheme?

Minithemes are presentations that have between 20 and 22 slides. Why did we choose this number? Turns out the best speakers agree that this is the ideal number for a half an hour presentation. This number of slides allows you to speak about the main points of your speech in a clear, simple way, but also add any extra information necessary at the same point. Versatility is key!

Minithemes give you the flexibility you need to make your presentation perfect. For example, this minitheme about the Art Festival in Pohang has the optimal  combination of little slides, but a shocking design. Doesn’t it make you want to catch the first plane to Corea?  

Sometimes, there will be slides in the template that you don’t need. But worry not, you can delete the ones that don’t work for you! With presentations like Minitheme: Sushi Bar, you can go straight to the point. 

Minithemes have the essential structures of a great speech: a table of contents, a bullet list, infographics, slides with columns so that your content is organized, a map, a table, a graph and a slide with mockups. Small, but smart!

This modern bullet list is included in the template National no Excuses Day Minitheme. Do you want to discover the rest of the resource it includes? Download and edit its design or, if you prefer, take a look at our minithemes and choose the presentation that best fits your needs. Let’s create!

By Slidesgo