SEO & Creativity: Which is the most important?

What’s more important? Up to some point, SEO vs. Creativity is the fight between the what and how, and there’re followers with strong points for both sides.

In the first place, let’s talk a little bit about…


It’s the rough content that we’ll share and, aside from the SEO, it’s very hard to define in terms of metrics and methods. In fact, there aren’t many “scientific” books about this matter.
Even though there are some on techniques that try to shape or to define creative thinking, the reality is that it’s a personal process that depends on each content generator.
Processes that can be very difficult, and sometimes lead to creative blocks (also some headaches) but they’re often overcome by exercising and working.

Points to consider when thinking creatively

Seo Vs Creativity 3
  • The tone of the piece.
  • Keep in mind what you want to tell or to achieve with what you are telling.
  • Think like your consumers.
  • Consider what your competitors are doing, to understand which ways have already been taken and what you can say or do in a fresh, new way.
  • Keep inspired.

If you need more detailed information on creativity, check this article.

Now, let’s cross the street, into…

The SEO world

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it basically refers to a bunch of techniques that allow us to improve our content on the internet, so search engines such as Google can show among their results, our contents over the other ones.

These techniques follow certain rules and measurable steps, that are supported by tech tools (some paid, some free), whose work is based on data regarding the behavior of our consumers or followers.

What must be taken into account to achieve a great SEO?

Keywords selection

Creativity vs. Seo 1

Before writing any article, content description, or basically anything that you’ll share online, research which are the most used words or combinations of words by users.
The right word can be the difference that allows our sites to appear between the first search results online.
The most important thing to remember is that taking possession of a certain word is essential.

Specific keywords

Seo vs Creativity 2

Connected to the last point, we talked about taking possession of a word, that’s because each word can be “bought” and its price depends on the number of people who use each word (among other things).
As long as more people use a word, its value increases, making that, if you want your content to appear when a user searches for it, you’ll have to invest more.
In this sense, it’s vital to discover which are the synonyms connected with our products. This way, you’ll avoid going into a betting war for a single word.

The more text you write, the better

In the SEO world, the extent of the articles matters.
The ideal post should have between 300 and 1000 words, being this last kind of articles the most successful ones in terms of SEO.
Although it’s also important to have in mind what we’re saying. If our text has key information, it will perform better.
Also, search engines penalize articles with grammar mistakes.

Where do we put the keywords?

It’s not just a matter of using keywords, it’s about using them in some key places of the article. For example, use them in the title, in the URL of the images, or in the first and last paragraph.

These are some of the things to have in mind for a good positioning online.
You’ll find thousands of articles that will teach you in detail how to achieve these skills. In fact, in terms of visuals, there’s a lot to talk about. Don’t worry, we’ll help you, there’s a great article about this, right here.