Say hello to Vectorland, our brand new office floor in Málaga


Freepik has opened a new office floor, and we couldn’t be happier about it. With lots of room, light, beautiful decoration and amazing vectors on the walls, the newest Freepik office -called Vectorland- is an inspiring space where creativity can effortlessly flow — a paradise for designers!




With white walls and accents in primary colors like yellow and blue, you feel immediately energized and activated as soon as you enter the office. The distribution is circular, so everything is connected and you can easily go from one area to another. You can follow the path on the floor, so that you don’t get lost!

One of the most awesome things that you can notice when you enter is that the new office is also bike- and skateboard-friendly! For the members of the team that come to the office by bike or long boarding their way through the streets of Málaga, there is a space where they can store their gear at the entrance.

In this floor, the creative power is concentrated: the designers from Freepik’s team work together to create amazing vectors and graphics, which our users enjoy every day. The open floor plan of the office allows for idea integration, team work, and inspiration.





The games and lounge room is a big space where the crew can relax on the beanbags, play some Steam or Xbox games, and enjoy the arcade machine with classic video games that is located in the same space! When it’s time for lunch, everyone can gather in the lunchroom, where you can find numerous tables as well as kitchen appliances so that everyone feels at home!





To celebrate the occasion of the opening of this new office, the team threw a little party to inaugurate the floor. They say that hunger sparks creativity, but things are always a lot better with food and some beer!

The other floors at Freepik’s offices are “Second Dimension”, dedicated to photography (with props, backdrops, and all sorts of gear!) and “The Galaxy”, where programmers and technical departments perform their magic so that everything works correctly.

At Freepik, all floors have their own special decoration and fun lounge rooms, but the most important thing is that the ambience and work culture is great, and everyone works together to deliver amazing vector and photography resources to all of our users 🙂


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4 years ago

It is workplace of my dream! It looks so awesome!

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Mai Mohamed
Mai Mohamed

4 years ago

this is so awesome, congrats :D
i wish all the creative design agencies 'll be like that ^_^

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Jennifer Santolla
Jennifer Santolla

4 years ago

Malaga is a wonderful city. Been here 2 years and counting!