Road to Technology Icons with Flaticon

By Flaticon 2 weeks ago

Flaticon has prepared a pack of technological icons to include in many of your projects, think of apps or websites, or other media software. There are a lot of different concepts to choose from; for example, you can find concepts such as computers, cameras, smartphones, or other modern items we could not have imagined twenty years ago. Technology has changed a lot, and we have to see that on Flaticon icons too! What are you waiting for? Go, check them out.

You can make the most of this pack and include them in online stores to illustrate actions like downloading, buying, or saving, among other things. Other concepts, more specific items like intelligent freezers or bulbs, will surprise you. Home automation is very popular these days, so why not include it on your projects? Another way to make the most of this freebie is to use it as decoration; you can print them on different surfaces.

The Technology icons in this set come in three versions, from outlined to colored. The vector files come in both .png and .svg formats and are infinitely scalable, also color customizable to fit your project. And the best of all is that it is entirely free. So don’t miss the chance and download these technological icons!

By Flaticon