Getting Started with Freepik’s Contributor Panel

By Freepik 2 months ago

The contributor panel is thought to make the uploading process straightforward and intuitive. In this article, we share with you some of the main features to get you started with Freepik’s contributor panel.

The panel is a personal space for contributors, where you can keep track of the resources and manage your contributor profile, among many other things. 

Below we tell you how the panel works and the most recent features we’ve just implemented. Keep reading!

1. Upload resources easily and quick

Once you access the panel, you can start uploading content. You’ll find information about the type of resources you can upload and the specifications before submitting the files. 

The system allows you to upload your work in a batch with multiple files at once. This is very useful when you want to upload many resources, especially when you’re starting to share your content on Freepik. Also, to upload content, you can choose between web upload or FTP server. 

New feature✨: You don’t have to wait for your files to be uploaded anymore. Now, you can navigate the panel and check your files’ status or any other information while the resources are being loaded. It’s a total time saver!

Are you a new contributor? Then, make sure you submit 20 of your best resources. We recommend they all are of the same content type so that we can see what you’re capable of. Decide on the category you’re good at and give it your best shots!

2. Track the status of your resources

One of the most interesting features is the fact that you can track the status of your submitted files. 

Whether they have been accepted or rejected, this information will help you improve your portfolio. For instance, if your resources have been rejected, you can try a different approach and, if you get your content accepted, you can learn what worked better.

For further information about the rejection reasons, check out our FAQs.

3. Add tags efficiently with the new metadata editor

We’ve just added a new feature to the panel: ✨the metadata editor✨. This editor allows you to manage the tagging process from a single place, making the task easier and more intuitive.

Why is it that important? Metadata is essential for proper localization of the resources on the Internet as it allows users to find what they are looking for. So properly tagging your resources will help users to find your content! This means that you can increase your downloads with the right keywords.   

You can use the metadata editor right after uploading your resources. You’ll find it in the left menu on the panel. There, you can add titles and tags efficiently and reuse the most common tags to save time.

Instead of adding tags manually, you can also upload a CVS file and the system will automatically retrieve the metadata information in it.

4. Check the statistics

As a contributor, your earnings are based on a pay-per-download method. In the Stats section, you can find useful data concerning your revenue and downloads. For example, you can check how many times users have downloaded your resources and how much you will earn.

You can also know the RPI (revenue per image) that you’re getting. The panel allows you to sort information by month, year…, so you will know which designs worked best at all times!

stats section contributor panel

Obviously, the panel offers many other features to make your contributor journey pleasant and worthwhile. Whenever you feel uninspired, you can get ideas and recommendations from the Recommended themes section you’ll see in the Dashboard.

5. Refer a friend through the panel

You can benefit from our Referral Program directly from the panel. Go to the Referral Program section and there you’ll find all the information about the program. 

There, you can get your referral link to share with your friends or ✨send them an invitation via email✨ from the panel.

Also, you can check the people who have become a contributor by your invitation.

As you can see, Freepik’s Contributor Panel offers many amazing advantages that make content submission simpler and faster.

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