Pro Tips On Adding Keywords to Vectors

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Probably it’s not the first time (and won’t be the last) you hear about keywording resources for stock. It’s not that we love telling you what to do, it’s because keywords are essential for retrieving content. 

If you work with vectors and have doubts about keywording, here are some dos and don’ts you may want to remember next time you upload resources to Freepik.

  • Be accurate and specific. The better your tags describe the resource, the more positive the outcome will be.
  • Keep the user in mind. Try to think about terms that users would look for.
  • Organize keywords by relevance. Place relevant tags first, as these will be crucial for retrieving content.
  • Write your tags in English (if you struggle with the language, you can always use dictionaries and thesaurus).

Do you feel like you need more info? In this post, we give you more details about best practices on keywords.

Adding tags

  • Use tags that describe the concept of the vector
  • You can add up to 50 tags, but we suggest you stay in a sweet spot of 15-20 tags
  • Write only relevant tags (quality over quantity)
  • Go beyond evident tags. By using specific keywords and being accurate, your resources will stand out from the rest
  • Avoid tags that aren’t related to the vector. Don’t include tags that don’t describe the image or don’t correspond to the resource type (for example, tagging a banner as a background). Remember that less is more.
  • Don’t use obvious tags. If you’re tagging vectors, there’s no need to include the word vector as a tag, except for resources where the concept is a vector itself.
  • Unnecessarily repeating keywords isn’t cool, so don’t do it. This is what we call spamming. 

First of all, it’s crucial you don’t mix concepts. Have a look at the following examples:

This is a background:

blue background vector

And this is a backdrop:

backdrop vector

Think of the type of vector you’re tagging and how you want that users find it!

illustration with farm animals

YES cow, rabbit, rooster, pig, sheep, animal

NO milk, pet, friend, farmer, couple 


spring banner

YES banner, flower, sale, floral, nature, spring, leaves

NO background, banner, flower, sale, floral, nature, spring, leaves


carnival design vector

YES party, celebration, carnival, Brazilian, dancer, fun

NO vector, party, celebration, carnival, Brazilian, dancer, fun


instagram banner

YES insta story, banner, template, sale, social media banner, offer, discount, promotion, fashion

NO insta story, insta stories, instagram stories, instagram story, instagram banner,
banners, instagram banner template, story, stories, insta sale, insta sale banner,
instagram, sale banner, story template, stories template, templates, social media,
social media banner, social, media


Adding titles

  • The title must describe the content of the vector in a single sentence
  • Avoid undescriptive words in the title
  • It must be written in English
  • Mind the length. Avoid too long titles that aren’t descriptive at all.
  • Don’t add unnecessary information. Be specific.
  • Don’t mention the type file in the title. 

birthday invitation dinosaur

YES Happy birthday with dinosaur and gifts

NO Ilustración de feliz cumpleaños con dinosaurio verde bailando rodeado de regalos
con lazos de colores, matasuegras, confeti y serpentina.

isometric vector business people

YES Isometric business people in a meeting illustration

NO Isometric business people for your landing page, business brochure, flyer.
Isometric graphic. Colorful illustration with isometric icons. Vector illustration.


creative landing page vector

YES Creative landing page template 

NO Creative landing page template EPS10

If you want more info about the tagging process and how to improve your tags, have a look at our guidelines on how to tag vectors.

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