Plan Your School Schedule with This New Freebie

By Freepik 2 weeks ago

Are you getting ready for school already? Freepik can help! We’ve selected a bunch of school planners to help you organize your school time. Start off this school year well organized, and with style. The structure of the timetable is easy to read. You’ll find the day of the week on columns and the time-slots on the left side of the table. You’ll only need to complete the schedule with the subjects, and there you go! Maths, English, PE, Science, include the subjects and the time and never be late again!

Because when it comes to planning and design, Freepik has the resources you need. Save time to do something else and leave the timetable design for us — colorful designs with illustrations to give a funny look to the old boring timetable sheet.

Not sure yet? Check them out and give it a go! Edit and customize the one you want. Then you can print it out and keep it with you or have it at home or in class. For the forgetful ones, print a couple of copies, and you won’t ever have to ask your classmates twice.
Click on the green button to download these resources for free.

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