Photography tutorial compilation I

By Freepik Academy 4 weeks ago

Photography: Apply a Screen Pop-up Effect

Create a cool pop-up screen effect of a furry friend!

If you want to download the resources used in this tutorial, follow these links:

Photography: Apply Gradients to Portraits (beginner)

Do you want to do something different with your photos? If you were left waiting for more after seeing the course about the use of gradients by Elena Titos… Your wait is over! Elena is back with a tutorial in which you’ll learn to apply gradients to your portraits, so don’t hesitate and… Let’s start!

Graphic Design: Create a Pixel Sorting Effect

Do you love the Glitch effect but you think it’s too mainstream now? In this new tutorial you’ll learn to work with the Pixel Sorting effect, a derivative from the Glitch effect proposed by artist Kim Asendorf which won’t go unnoticed, so… What do you say? Should we start?

If you want to download the resource used in this tutorial, follow this link: