Celebrate Photography Day with #PhotoDayWithFreepik and win $1,000

Freezing a moment in time and treasuring it forever, being able to share an experience with the rest of the world, immortalizing history, making everybody a part of our trips and events.

Nowadays, photography is becoming more and more important in people’s lives, even more so since the invention of cell phones with cameras.

You see, photography is much more than simply focusing on an object and hitting the shutter button. That’s why we want to celebrate Photography Day with a special initiative, which we’ll tell you all about here.

Photography day competition

What is celebrated on Photography Day?

Although time machines don’t yet exist – I’m still waiting for Doc Brown to work his magic – on August 19, 1839, something happened that made time travel possible: Luis Daguerre presented the “daguerreotype” to the French Academy of Sciences. This machine, considered the precursor to modern photography, made it possible to capture images through a chemical process. 

Almost 200 years of history have passed from the first selfie until today, when photography is considered quite the art. As this is such an important day, we want to celebrate it with a special competition, giving you the chance to show the world that not only do you know how to hit the shutter button at just the right time, but also that you have a truly creative mind, which deserves special prizes.

#PhotoDayWithFreepik competition

To participate in this competition, simply follow these steps:

  1. Take a good look at this image. What emotions does this picture conjure up in you? Use it as a reference to take a photo to represent it.
    Photo day freepik competition
  2. Follow Freepik on Instagram.
  3. Share the photos that you want to enter into the competition on your Instagram feed.
  4. You must also use #PhotoDayWithFreepik and mention @Freepik in the description. You have until 08/05 to upload your pieces.
  5. Then, a jury of experts from Freepik will assess all the pieces, evaluating creativity and technical skills, selecting the 3 winning photos on 08/19.
  6. The prize for 3rd place will be $200 + a Premium subscription. For 2nd place, $500 + a Premium subscription and the photo ranking in 1st place will win $1,000 + a Premium subscription. 

Find more information on terms and conditions here.

The jury

The winning pieces must be the most creative of all, besides demonstrating technical photography skills, all of which will be assessed by a jury of experts, formed by: 

Almudena Cuenca

Multidisciplinary artist and manager of the photo retouching team at Freepik. Some of the frequently recurring themes of her work are family, feminism and gender.

Daniel Enamorado

With over 10 years of experience in the professional artistic photography world, Daniel works as Photographic Art Director at Freepik. His work is characterized by a minimalist style in which color plays a strong role in his compositions. For Daniel, the success of any piece is all about taking care of the small details.

Cristina Jiménez Rey

Meet Cristina Jiménez Rey, Production Team Leader of Photography at Freepik. Besides her role as art director, she is also a devoted visual artist, winning her first photography prize in 2005. Her work is focused mainly on the play of light and shadows and on creating new scenes through colors. It is also worth noting how she is constantly looking for new challenges in terms of composition. 

Celebrate this special day by entering into our #PhotoDayWithFreepik competition for $1,000 + a Premium subscription and let your imagination run wild.